October 23, 2014

Stay and Play Today

at 9:30.  Learn more about CF Stay and Play here!

We’ll also have Stay and Play on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM for kids 12 and under.  Older kids will have a structured class (as long as numbers allow) and younger kids will have organized play time.  Parents are welcome to stay with the kids or to work out during the 8:30 AM class.

TONIGHT, 6:45, we’re hosting CF Movie Night in 7Bravo.  We’ll be showing Fed Up followed by a Q&A / discussion with Jess Pham, our in-house dietitian.  The evening may last until 8:30-9 PM (not required to stay the whole time), so plan accordingly!  We’ll also be kicking off our Breaking Bad Habits Challenge!  Learn more tonight and we’ll follow up later this week with information on the blog.

Apparel orders are due 10/27!



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