October 17, 2014

Breaking Bad…Habits!

A new challenge unrolling next week!

Looking to shed some unwanted lbs this fall?  Join the Corps Fitness BREAKING BAD HABITS CHALLENGE!!  Led by CFer and registered dietitian Jess Pham, this program will run for 8 weeks (Oct 23 - Dec 17) and challenges participants to break the bad eating habits that are holding you back from reaching your true fitness potential.  Buy in for just $25 and you get weekly access and nutritional guidance from Jess PLUS weigh-ins, dietary analytics, and team support you won’t find anywhere else but Bldg 7!

Email today to sign up or learn more: [email protected]

The challenge will kick off on October 23rd with a showing of Fed Up, a new documentary about the sugar epidemic in America, followed by a Q&A with Jess.

The Phool is back!! (temporarily, but we love it)

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