January 29, 2014

5:30 AM Shout Out!

Here’s to the crew that gets their workout in while everyone else is sleeping: the 5:30 AM-ers.  Who, by the way, were outside running on this frigid morning.  Stay strong, my friends.

Part of the 5:30 AM Wednesday crew.  Yeah, they do pull-ups to cool down.  No biggie.

And, a few more photos for your viewing pleasure:

New exercise alert: Standing Russian Dancers at Van’s Tuesday class.
In a flurry of snow that would shut down Atlanta, CFers are just warming up!

Awesome Form Recognition: OH Walking Lunge. Tight core, arms locked out overhead, big step out to the front, knee stays behind the toes. Back knee ALL THE WAY down. Get some!


  • hoov January 29, 2014 Reply

    5:30am group rocks!!! Great group of CF’ers too.

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