January 15, 2012

CF Socialites

PM in the AM, AM in the PM? Total chaos. Some serious intensity during that warmup and amrap….well done!
Always fun to mingle with CFers out of “workout-mode”…thanks for hanging out!

Early Updates:
1) Tolerate the pics until ‘pinky’ gets the correct settings in the light.
2) Many of the Livestrong weight-loss folks are going for another 5 weeks. Someone ate a cookie over holiday. Starting tomorrow Jan 16th! Anyone wants to join in, we’ll be over there. The folder on the goals board is “New Year Thinspiration” where you can write your weigh-in. The accountability and support is great…see those results after Halloween? Crazy awesome!
3) Benchmarks in 2012. Heads up…we’ll be running Benchmark workouts early in the year to track progress. Generally, those will occur on M & T classes every few weeks (every class will do the Benchmark). When you see a Benchmark posted, try to get to class! First Benchmark, Jan 23/24.
4) Scorcher II: The Sickness. Coming up, look for a sign-up sheet on the board. Just like Scorcher I, pick your time slot before/after class for a short, screamin’ WOD…more about this coming soon.

  • scott January 15, 2012 Reply

    Looks like a new Box with the addition of new light bulbs!

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