***CORRECTION*** There was a mistake in scheduling so Brian is actually running 630pm class this evening. We apologize for the confusion and hope we posted this in time for those who planned on doing this evenings class

1st….As already mentioned, we have our pull-up negative and positive challenge going on all month of November. Each day of the month add an additional second to both your negative and positive pull-up. If you are IN, put your name on the white board and check off each day as you complete. And if you haven’t started yet, no worries…it’s early in the game and you can jump on in today, by doing a 1 second +/-, a 2 second, 3 second and 4.

2nd….Have you been on the ski erg yet? That bad boy is tough, tough, tough. And we need YOU to sprint it out. Here’s the gig: Concept 2 is hosting their 7th Annual SkiErg World Sprints from Nov. 6th-8th. You can enter your 1000 meter sprint time as an individual and see where you stand in your age group. Top winners receive a custom engraved cowbell (and who doesn’t want one of those!? 🙂 ). BUT, better yet…..enter a group of 20+ results from a club or team, and we can get entered into a raffle for a new SkiErg for Corps Fitness. Cool, right? So let’s get on this team effort! Sign up at the desk to let us know you want to be a part of the team. Then, sometime during the time period of Nov. 6th through Nov. 8th, complete 1000m on the ski erg as fast as you can, and record your time on the sign up sheet. Nov. 8th is the absolute last day to get your time in as results need to be in to Concept 2 by the next day….. CFers are always up for a good challenge, so let’s get 20 or more and get this done!

How’s everyone feeling?  Here’s some motivation from Melissa on the weight loss challenge:

Good Monday Morning!

Today’s little tidbit: Don’t become Scale-Obsessed! (And this you should live by even when not in a weight loss challenge.)

Let’s get back to that whole body fat topic, and why we are adding decreases in your body fat % as part of your weigh in and weigh out.

So this is a potential scenario: You eat cleanly, you exercise regularly, you know you have dropped your calorie consumption, but you step on the scale and it doesn’t budge from where you started. (This probably won’t happen in week 1 as week 1 losses in weight will be largely water weight….BUT, be prepared for week 2 where this very well could happen). Then you start to feel frustrated, depressed, and might want to say “oh bloody hell, I can’t do this!”

You share this with your friends, and their response is “Oh, you probably are just building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat”. Maybe this consoles you….but really, how can a pound of muscle weigh more than a pound of fat?? A pound is a pound, right? The real truth is that pound for pound, muscle is more dense, and therefore takes up less space than fat. See the picture that is posted…..same weight of fat and same weight of muscle….but muscle looks considerably smaller than fat.

Can you make muscle from fat? Nope. Sorry. But you can build more lean muscle mass, shrink the fat and come away with a leaner, thinner and more toned you. What may happen is that your weight might not change drastically, but your body fat % WILL!

And then there’s the added benefit of knowing that muscle tissue at rest will burn 7 to 10 calories daily per pound as opposed to fat that burns only 2 to 3 calories, so why not build more muscle?! And ladies, don’t think that this is going to make you big and bulky…..Females don’t have enough testosterone to do that!

Take-away from this is don’t be scale-obsessed, because it might not show you what you want to see early on in this game. Eat clean, whole foods, train smart and effectively (ditch the cardio-only regimen), lift heavy things…..build lean muscle mass and shrink the fat!

Cheers to day 2!

Wow, November already, and it hasn’t even snowed yet!

Remember the November Challenge: Pull-up negatives and positives - 1 second each per day (today is a 1-second negative and a 1-second positive, 2/2 tomorrow, and so on)


AND FINALLY, Weight Loss Challenge Participants!  The randomly selected team assignments are below.  Please measure and include your % body fat on the test in sheets (ask a trainer if you need help setting up).  Here’s a great article about % body fat and why it’s more important than the numbers on the scale.  More on that tomorrow… 

Team 1: Peter Purcell, Kristin Feightner, Jen Crocona, Matt Mayer

Team 2: Chris Kaag, Onaya Ortega, Sandra Sandoval, Christine Getrost

Team 3: Adam Owens, Stacea Boss-Archie, Jen Motze, Melissa Hazlett

Team 4: Tim McDonough, Gretchen Kaag, Aimee Hafer, Emily McDonough

Team 5: John Pontician, Amy Bressler, Jenn Quick, Rob Rauenzahn

Team 6: Zach Meredith, Michelle Gauby, Jeanna Hahn, Daphne Fleck

Team 7: Dante Santoni, Carol Meredith, Kristen Gerhard, Brad Bressler

Team 8: Robert Stichter, Sarah Tyrrell, Sandy Lugo, Jasmine Lockhart

Challenge runs November 1 - December 5.  Get to it!!

**November FREE Intro Classes will be Saturday 11/14 and Saturday 11/28 @ 9:45am**
Remember to sign up and weigh in for the November weight loss challenge by tomorrow 10/30!  If you’re on facebook, you should be entered into the private weight loss challenge group as well, where you’ll get extra motivation and pointers from all participants and coaches along the way!
We’ll be sweatin’ the the 80’s on Saturday!  If you have a favorite 80’s playlist, bring it along and maybe we’ll hook up your ipod or take requests during the workout… (both class times)
November pull-up challenge begins on Sunday with a 1-second negative and 1-second positive pull-up!  Sign up on the white board and get practicing!!
November Spin Classes-
11/7- w/Aimee Hafer @ 9:30am
11/14-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am
11/21-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am