September 10, 2012

CF Represents at RU ABLE? Duathlon & 5K

Chris with the 3 deserving grant recipients. L-R Chris Utz, Cindy Levan & Tim Mcvan

Yesterday was another beautiful day for the 3rd Annual RU ABLE? Duathlon & 5K hosted by the IM ABLE Foundation. At the end during the awards ceremony the names of CF’ers kept popping up. Was it coincidence? No. The people that make CF their “place” to move know how to push themselves outside of Bldg 7 as much as they push inside so it was no surprise to see the familiar faces that we all consider our friends stepping up on the podium to receive their award!

CF’ers were also in attendance as volunteers who without them this event WOULD NOT HAPPEN, so thank you to all who came out yesterday and made the day great and for your support of IM ABLE and most importantly representing CF in true motivated fashion!



  • Scott September 10, 2012 Reply

    CFers are amazing and they were everywhere at the Duo. Very inspiring to see the passion and dedication. Everyone left the duo better people than before their arrival. All the great people made it so.

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