You’ll notice 2 demo bikes and 2 more coming soon for some mtn biking opportunities for those without their own wheels! Shirk’s Bike Shop has always been the place that handles all of our adaptive cycles for our non profit IM ABLE Foundation and now they’re partnering with us to provide 15% back to IM ABLE for every bike bought through this program. Connect with Chris Kaag to learn more about rides and other opportunities to get exposed to the great mountain biking opportunities we have here in #berkscounty BAMBA (Berks Area Mountain Biking Association) WAMTB


Took this from elsewhere on FB-land.
But such an important thing to remember at CF.

Whether you are a new person, nervous about your perceived fitness level and whether you can “do” Corps Fitness ….

Or whether you are a new person who sees yourself as a seasoned athlete and are certain of your abilities to “do” Corps Fitness…

AND even when you ARE that seasoned Corps Fitness veteran….remember, there are still things to learn, moves to perfect, newbies to help…and remember that YOU were once that Beginner too.

Be willing to check your ego at the door. Be willing to be a Beginner. Be willing to take/accept coaching cues from your trainer.

No one is “all that and a bag of chips”…..


Oh this is going to be fun….. 2nd Annual Call To Action! Next Saturday, October 28th.

**PLEASE NOTE: Gym will be CLOSED this day due to the challenge!

Test-run day of some of the challenges was yesterday….
*Some* of the goodies involved….and some of the places seen below. Looking forward to challenging (but fun) times next Saturday!

*Could still use some more volunteers (email [email protected]).

*Non-competitors who would like to have some delicious #missionbbqwyomissing food for the after-party can pre-purchase a buffet ticket for $10. Deadline for pre-orders is Tuesday 10/24.