August 8, 2012

Day 3: Crouse & Cane

Lance Cpl. Bill Crouse and Cane, his bomb-sniffing dog, had the dangerous mission of searching out hidden bombs. Their K-9 unit was on a patrol with other Marines when they got hit by a roadside improvised explosive device. Lance Cpl. Crouse was treated at the site of the blast before the medical helicopter arrived.

His mother said that her son’s dying concern was for his dog.

“My son was alert and coherent for a brief period, and his biggest
concern was ‘where is my dog?

Save my dog. Put him in the Medevac with me. Save his life,'” she said.

The dog was put in the helicopter with Crouse but neither survived. (IGTNT DailyKos)

“Serving his nation was what mattered to him,”  “He really believed wholeheartedly that that was his purpose, and he was proud to wear that uniform,” “His whole job was to search for bombs.”  (quotes from sister)

“Thank you LCpl. William H. Crouse for your selfless compassion, your extraordinary bravery and your steadfast devotion to our great country and Her ideals. Thank you for laying down your young life upon the altar of Freedom for all of us. Even as you lay dying, you thought about your faithful partner “Cane” and tried to save him. What a great big heart you had. Your loss is tremendous for your family, friends and comrades but also for all the people of this grateful nation. We will not forget your heroism or the countless lives you saved and we will keep your loved ones in our prayers. Rest In Sweet Peace Billy!” (from


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