March 5, 2011

Big Combined Class!

Ring Row, Cr. Bridge, Jack Webb, Burpee (1min Jump Rope)
Hip Ext, Plank Sw Gate, Alt Superman, Alt Side Step (1min Suicide/BC)
Good Morning, Squats, Decline PU, B&T (1min Low crawl/Lunge)

Adam C…off to Navy Intel…8 mos at CF, down about 30lbs…a great addition to the CF family. Thank you for serving, Adam.

**Tomorrow Sunday Special Benchmark 1: This is not a standard class. This would be the format of an “Open CrossFit” time…warm up and WOD posted…3-2-1-Go! First come, first served (post-test people get first preference). If you want an early slot, show up early, get warmed up and be ready to go AT 1030AM.

Also, Spin/Krank class 1030AM.

  • Adam March 6, 2011 Reply

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has pushed me these last months to prepare me for the future. Whether it was one of the great instructors, or another CFer pushing me to fight through the pain, I could have never done it alone! Thanks for everything!

  • Eric E March 7, 2011 Reply

    Adam, great working out with you. Boot camp should be a breeze after running a few miles around blue marsh with a 30 lb sand bag.

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