December 26, 2011

Badge 27

Take Lumberjack 20 Hero WOD, switch the reps to 27…a fine honor to Pags. Tough exercises, lots of reps, with running…a beat down….something he always liked. It was easy to see you all bringin’ something special on Day 1!

Thanks to everyone who came out to start the week with big energy! That was amazing!

830a Group: Pags Day

A special thank you, too, to Alecia and to the Sheriffs (Rice & Weaknecht) and Det. Long for their inspirational words and memories of Kyle.

Lastly, notice if you didn’t buy the HW Package, you can contribute to the donation bucket (each WOD we put it by the Honor Roll boards)…it will be out all week (funds donated to Berks Heroes Fund).

Thanks again, everyone…let’s keep it going for Law Enforcement Hero Week!


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