July 29, 2011

Back to the Grind.

Ugh more updates? Kinda.
1) Aug 8 Deadline for Hero Week T-shirt order forms/package. Please pay at time of ordering! (Please review the sheet, does your name have a checkmark in the paid column…get someone at the desk to confirm).
2) Sunday Special: July 31, 10:15AM…it’s not Christmas in July, but should give you that Holly Jolly feelin’!
2)PALEO SEMINAR! Aug 13, 10AM. Get the lowdown on eating like a Caveperson!
3) Corps Fitness supports the NUN RUN 2011, Sept. 17, 10AM.

Spread the Hero Week word, share with friends, talk it up with new folks at CF! We know how it’s just a different vibe, a great way to get introduced to CF. Especially, mark Sat. Aug 20! A WOD that EVERYONE can bang out some Rounds for Keystone Wounded Warriors!

The end of this week had that certain HW feel…Scout days, Grinders…folks workin’ together diggin’ deep, bein’ tough.

Grinder #11
Rope Heave, Wtd Step Up, B&T Jump(25)
Clusters, Lsit/Pike, BC/Pushup (10-10-10)
(rotate on the rep’d exercise, run 200m after each exercise)

Have a rockin’ weekend.


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