January 12, 2012


“I don’t know if I should puke or shit myself” kinda workout.

Some serious A-gamers took a beatin’ and gave it right back! Look ma’, no peyote. Convulsions, palpitations…and hallucinations. Did anyone else see Kokopelli hopping by, that trickster? 

You decide…
(btw, Thurs night, 530pm, CF Advanced class)

  • Wicasa Yatapika January 12, 2012 Reply

    MD…I was thinking more along the lines…”I don’t know if I will shit or go blind from this hallucination induced insanity”…either way a great summation and I applaud anyone with the “stones” to take that f’er on and come out standing on the other side…f’in massacre! F’in Instant Classic! I definitely saw the Kokopelli as I hovered out of body somewhere near the roof trusses…Hah! Bring on the extra helping of Peyote…

  • Bob January 12, 2012 Reply

    I really get pissed when I get stuck in traffic and miss class. Idiots galore on the roads today.

  • Scott January 12, 2012 Reply

    I see the Resemblance sans headdress.

  • weesa January 13, 2012 Reply

    Another can of whip ass handed out last night. Awesome push everyone

  • James January 13, 2012 Reply

    Bob, did you get stuck in the same accident I did on 422?

    • Bob January 13, 2012 Reply


  • James January 13, 2012 Reply

    JJ, what’s that dance you’re doing?

  • Jan January 13, 2012 Reply

    Nasty with a smile. Tried to will myself to go faster but had no stamina. This was one of those workouts where, dare I say, I’d like to do again on a day when oxygen and I are getting along.

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