June 24, 2011

Ain’t no…

holla back girl.
Chaotic Corps Fitness
KTE, Walkabout, Crunch, True Pull Snatch, Wtd Sit Up, Bttrfly Jump, Pistol, BC/Sprint, B&T, Threaded Lunge
End: Plank/Lunge Fest

Stay on top of the CF Schedule:
1) IM ABLE Pinnacle Hike, 830am, Sunday June 26
2) Sunday Special, 10am, Sunday June 26
3) Sunday Special, 9am, Sunday July 3….GRING’S MILL WORKOUT!
4) Holiday Special, Monday, July 4th, 7-8am (all other classes cnx)
5) First Family Class Tomorrow June 25, 10am! See link in right frame for Youth/Family Camps
6) Double Under Incentive Test Out (June 27, 28). Either show your 10 DUs in a row (beginner) or compete for most DUs in 2 minutes (advanced).


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