July 8, 2012

A bag of what, where?

Deadlift advice: everyone has an opinion. You’re best, most likely, to follow the Xfit prescription for body position. Safe, functional, puts your body in “strong” position. Muscle pattern to you want to be able to strike immediately, set up fast (motor memory), and also repeat in the real world picking things up!

Max/Form Exercise #2: Deadlift.
Please have your approximate 3 rep DL weight completed by Tuesday evening (each class Sunday - Tuesday will provide that opportunity).

Old DL post (in the Journal Preview, she starts the cues at about 1:21, it is suggested you grab a broomstick…the one in the corner for practicing OH squats…and follow along!)

Notice in the Xray pic, the triangle created in profile by torso, thigh, and arm.

See good setup pic here.

Bar against shins, shins straight up/down, butt back/up, shoulders over bar, lock “core”, bar in contact with body, drive through heels, maintain angles through the entire pull (ie, don’t snap lower before weight even passes shins), on descent reverse all that.


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