July 24, 2011


WOD: 1 rope climb, 21-15-9 OHSquat, Dips,  1 rope climb

Hydration by Coach Sam:

A little bit on dehydration and staying hydrated:

What is Dehydration?

Most people don’t recognize dehydration until they are thirsty, at which point, it’s “too late” to beat dehydration and now you are fighting back to a hydrated state.  Dehydration occurs most often because of not drinking enough water throughout the day and during and after a workout. Not only are you sweating out water, but also electrolytes that keep our bodies balanced. Dehydration is very easily avoided but also very common in the summer due to an increase in activity and warmer weather.

How to Hydrate Properly

Drinking water throughout the day is vital, but also, refueling your electrolytes after a workout or activity.  Coconut water is a great post workout drink or add an electrolyte tablet to 16oz of water at least once per day.  Not only will this help hydrate you, but will help rid you of any headaches (caused by dehydration), and refuel the electrolytes you’ve lost through sweating, breathing, etc.

For more info on Hydration check this link out:


  • DanO July 24, 2011 Reply

    Sunday Special?

  • Wicasa Yatapika July 25, 2011 Reply

    I’ve learned alot about hydration and electrolyte balance during my training for the W101. Number one is sweat-loss differences vary greatly and the body does not and cannot efficiently replace what it spends during exercise activty at any pace above walking. In other words electrolytes lost are not replaced by electrolytes consumed and there is a fine balance…Besides electrolytes your body needs certain minerals to bind to amino acids so electrolytes can be utilized properly. All of these work synergistically together for your body to perform at it’s highest level during extreme exercise. I’ve ridden up to 7 hours in some pretty extreme heat and I can honestly say I have not had any cramping issues.

    With that said these are the important electrolytes and minerals the body needs:
    Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Manganese, Pyroxine HCL (B6), and L-tyrosine.

    I have found a few products that have worked very well for me that have some good science behind them, if interested check them out:
    Hammer Nutrition: HEED , good for workouts up to about two-hours in length.

    Infinit Nutrition: Makes custom blended powders based on your sweat-loss rate. I tried one and then adjusted the electrolyte content to fit my sweat loss rate. This stuff is amazing for endurance events over 2-hours in length…In can all be done on-line by moving slider bars on the mix chart…check out there website it’s full of great information…

    VO2 Max: Phosphorous, mangnesium, sodium, and potassium supplement.

    Just my two-cents based on my own personal experience, love these posts because they get you thinking about all the details that go into performing your best under extreme stress and difficult conditions…MD you get an extra helping of rasin pie!!!

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