May 28, 2011

Saturday Somethin Somethin

Warm Up
4 rds/Partners
400m, 50′ Low crawl/Knee Crawl/Bear Crawl, 25′ Broad Jump, 25′ Lunge, 15 PU

2min Majors:
Curl/Press/Toe Tap/Box Jump: Static Lunge
Swing/HP/Dip/PU: Tunnel of Pain
Crunch/Bbuster/MB Squat/MB Squat Jump: Bar Pass
JumpPU/Neg Chin Up/Burpee/Burpee: Windmill

Schedule Reminder:

Sunday May 29: Sunday Special pre-Memorial Day Workout, 3pm
Monday May 30: Memorial Day Workout
8am: Cadence Run (park Wyo Pool)
9am: Murph (at the gym)
(all other CF classes canceled)


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