June 27, 2012

Wednesday Form: Watch and Learn

Observe, learning a new exercise, or improving on one takes….ta-da…Observation.

Humans imitate, right? And Observational Learning (as it’s called) is a powerful mode of acquiring information. And it’s really the most efficient, natural, instictive mode…watch and learn. Whatever your goal, a basic squat or press…or more advanced moves…don’t over-intellectualize it, go back to toddler-learning….see it, learn it, do it.
The steps in Observational Learning:
1) Attention: know what to attend to
2) Retention: remember it (which includes visualizing oneself doing it, succeeding)
3) Motor Reproduction: retrieve it
4) Motivation: prioritize it

Watch this

Then practice for 2 weeks and do this

Now do that with your CF goals! Rock on!


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