• How’re y’all feeling?

    It’s very normal to be mildly, moderately, or very sore with limited mobility after a workout like we did on Friday.  That means you pushed yourself beyond what you have before, and are establishing new comfort levels.  However, if you experience any symptoms of rhabdymyolysis (severe pain, dark coca-cola colored urine), please seek medical attention immediately!  This is no joke and can be treated if caught early.  It can be very dangerous if not deadly if not treated.

  • Diet vs Exercise

    You can’t out-train a sh&%%y diet!  See one pretty eye-opening experiment here.  Even though that Brad guy eats pizza incredibly fast, still SO true!!

  • The Great Red Meat Scare of 2015

    It’s always nice to know we can rely on Mark’s Daily Apple to be a voice of reason amidst the media frenzy:

    “…I would hang my hat on the following suggestions, however.

    1. Don’t live off bacon, hot dogs, and salami.
    2. The more red meat you eat, the more vegetation you should be eating. Make sure some of that vegetation contains prebiotic fiber, especially resistant starch. Maybe all that plant matter is unnecessary if you maintain a perfect carnivorous diet, but why risk it? Besides, plants are delicious.
    3. Learn to love rare steak. It’s way better, guys.
    4. Rely mostly on gentler cooking methods: steaming, simmering, braising, pressure-cooking.
    5. If you’re gonna sear or grill something over high heat, which is completely and utterly delicious and thus necessary from time to time, consider using a marinade—especially if you cook this way frequently.
    6. Have a healthy gut. Beneficial human gut bacteria can convert linoleic acid and fiber into the anti-colon cancer metabolites CLA and butyrate.
    7. Stick to healthier sources of red and processed meat—pastured/grass-fed red meat, bacon, sausage. The local farmer over Oscar Mayer.”

    - Mark’s Daily Apple

    Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/what-does-the-who-report-mean-for-your-meat-eating-habit/#ixzz3ptOSYdRb

  • It’s All About the Plumbing and Electricity

    Not a huge fan of the title of this article or the first 1/2, but there is some good stuff towards the end about why it’s important to include both strength (article refers to as body building / BB) and endurance (LE in article) work in your weekly fitness regimen.  A somewhat long read but worth it at the end.

    Key take-aways:
    – Recovery is important, and is not the same as Rest.
    – Sometimes your muscles need sugar, and that’s ok.  You should give it to them.
    – Your nervous system needs to adapt to the stresses you place on it as much as your muscles do.
    – Work on your weaknesses to make your whole self stronger.

  • Updates 10.09.15

    **We will not hold spin classes for Saturday 10/10,10/17 and 10/31 and are working on the new schedule for Saturday coverage.  As of right now, the only Saturday Spin class in October will be 10/24 Spin Class with Jen Quick at 9:30am!
    If you haven’t tried out Bldg 7 Yoga yet, what are you waiting for??  They have an extensive lineup of classes every day of the week.  Yoga is an excellent complement to what we do at Corps Fitness – try it out today!
    FREE Intro to Corps Fitness Saturday 10/10 at 9:45 AM
    Remember the Kyle Pagerly 5k is this Sunday, 10/11, 9 AM in Shillington Park.  More information on the website – http://www.kylepagerly5k.com/  Good luck to all CF runners, and thank you for supporting the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund in memory of a true hero!
    Weekend instructors:
    Friday PM – Chris
    Sunday AM – Gretchen
  • Zach Meredith Blues Cruise

    This coming weekend, Zach will be running the Blues Cruise 50k – quite an accomplishment!!  He has been training hard on the Blue Marsh trails and is looking forward to getting more CF time after the race.  As if that isn’t enough, Zach is raising money for the IM ABLE Foundation through his first giving site as well and is almost 1/2 way to his $1000 goal.  If you’d like to donate, please visit Zach’s site!

    Good luck, Zach!!

  • Pags Mag(net)s – Now available at CF

    Pick yours up today for a $5 donation to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund and show your support!


  • Respect

    Newbies beware: Did you know that there’s a penalty for being late to a CF class?  You should be arriving 10-15 minutes early!!  Think about it – you have absolutely no idea what you’re walking into, what the exercises or format will be, not even where to take a pre-class pee if you need to!  Come on.  Be respectful and accountable to your fellow CFers and instructors.  Respect those around you by arriving early for class.  Do your research: it’s all there on the Corps Fitness page under “What is CF / First Timers“.

    Your first time at CORPS FITNESS:

    1. Arrive early. Plan to be there 15 minutes prior to class starting. Please respect the group that was there on time by not showing up late. The instructor reserves the right to not permit you to participate if you miss important demonstrations that would jeopardize safety.
    2. Wear comfortable exercise apparel and footwear appropriate for running, jumping, and other dynamic movements.
    3. Bring water.
    4. Say “Hi” to the other participants. Don’t be surprised when veteran CORPS FITNESS members introduce themselves!
    5. Follow along with the group, listen to instructions, watch what experienced CORPS FITNESS members are doing.
    6. Work hard and have fun!
  • New Opportunities and Instructor

    Corps Fitness would like to extend a warm welcome to Justin Cox, who joins us by way of California.  Justin will provide opportunities for fitness / strength building in Bldg 7.  He is an ASFA trainer as well as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and the US.  In 2004, his Humvee was hit by an RPG and he sustained damage to his hearing and skin, but fortunately avoided catastrophic injuries.  We’re excited to provide an opportunity for Justin to get back into the civilian world and motivate some willing CFers!

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  • RU ABLE?

    Online registration for the RU ABLE Duathlon and 5k is open through next Thursday (9/10) at 11:59 PM.  We have a separate category for CFers, so sign up today and test your meddle in an endurance event, either individually or on a team with 1-2 other CFers!  Being strong is great, but being strong, agile, quick, flexible, and having endurance is even better!!  Thank you as well to all of our volunteers who are coming out.  If you don’t want to participate or volunteer, this is a fun, local event that promises to be an exciting, inspiring day.  Come check it out!