And let it go… brave parents raise brave kids!  Check out this article from Outside Magazine for more, and do your best to quell the anxiety and be a great role model for our next generation!

“Sheltering our kids isn’t the solution. “You’re building their grit when you let them out in the world,” says Krissy Pozatek, author of Brave Parenting:A Buddhist-Inspired Guide to Raising Emotionally Resilient Children. ‘They’re growing in the world. If you keep them contained and safe, they’re more vulnerable because they don’t have the necessary skill development.’”
-K. Arnold



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A HUGE thank you to All About Women and Dr. Chris DeAngelis for their sponsorship of our event! They are an official Challenge Sponsor, and you will see their challenge along the course! We greatly appreciate their support of our First Responders and for their tax-deductible donation that allows us to give back as much as possible to the Kyle D. Pagerly Memorial Fund 501c3!


1st Annual Call To Action – Badge 27 Edition Challenge


On October 12th, Chris will be rapelling off of the 525 student apartments on Lancaster Ave as part of a fundraiser for Bethany Children’s Home!  We are looking for volunteers to come out and help support the rapelling efforts on October 12th.  Additionally, if you would like to contribute towards the Children’s Home fundraising effort and push Chris or others “Over the Edge,” please check out https://www.givegab.com/p2p/ote4bethany/chris-kaag!  Learn more about the event here, and more about Bethany Children’s Home here.

Chris Kaag Flyer-3 (1)


20160729_182220 20160804_120823Though I’ve always been a quieter, more introverted person (I’m pretty sure most of my HS thought I didn’t speak), I’ve always taken pride in my ability to lead by example (#10 on this list).  Not out there yelling, being the loudest or most showy, just plain old head down, nose to the grindstone getting.it.done. (so much so that my youth swim coach once said “if I told Gretchen to go swim a 500 butterfly, she would just go and do it.” No whining, no complaining, no excuses, just do it.)

My favorite quotes from this article:
“A job well done is its own reward, even if no one else sees it or knows it.”
“So, that last place finisher in the workout? We cheer for them. That last runner on the course? We raise our voices. If someone needs a helping hand, we offer ours first.”

And one more, for the parents out there (complete with a bonus link) 🙂
“Those lessons we learned by looking life in the eye? We teach them to our kids. Then we let them fail or succeed on their own, because we know that failure will teach them as much as success will. And just like we wouldn’t want anyone else to hand success to us (we wish to earn it), we know we do our children no favors by handing success to them.”

10 Things Strong Women (and Men!) Do by Lisbeth Darsh



Did You Know…..

The Summer Olympics have begun, and many of you are probably glued to your tv’s watching events every day and night.

And, if you’ve been especially OOOOHHHing and AAAAHHHHing over the beautiful Women’s Gymnasts’ leotard being worn for the team final, guess what?

Those beautiful design credits go to our very own Jeanne Douglass! How flipping fantastic does our Women’s Gymnastics team look as they compete in the team final wearing Jeanne’s design!!

Major props Jeanne….job well done!

Chris NYC 11.6.11

Did you know that the IM ABLE Foundation has several participants in the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon this November?  Each runner must raise at least $2500 to participate, and each is holding fundraisers to achieve their goal.  Check out the website and crowdrise pages today and help them out!

CFer Karen Rule is holding a Beer Mile Fundraiser this Saturday at 5 PM, 43 Dries Rd 19605 – details on the facebook event page here

CFer Zach Meredith will be holding a raffle and has enlisted several sponsors.  Check out his crowdrise page here.

Long time CFer turned SoulCycle instructor Sam Scaffidi has surpassed her goal!

PSU TKE fraternity helped Brett Gravatt, adaptive athlete, surpass his fundraising goal!

Cathy Kahan, avid runner and IM ABLE supporter, is quickly working towards her goal!

IM ABLE grant recipient Devanne Murphy is giving back to the foundation by fundraising for the event!

Check out the various athlete pages linked above and make a donation to support IM ABLE and our athletes’ endeavors today!