• The Latest CF Challenge Begins Thursday!


    Challenge: Join the Corps Fitness community for an 8-week health program, which asks you to break 2 poor eating habits every 2 weeks in order to shed unwanted lbs & reach your top potential!

     When: October 23rd through December 17th

     What you get: Nutritional guidance and weekly meetings with Corps Fitness Nutritionist Jessica Pham. PLUS weigh-ins, nutritional analytics & team support!

     Cost: $25 for all 8 weeks!

    *The Breaking Bad Habits challenge kicks off with a the showing of the documentary “Fed Up” and Q&A with Jess on October 23rd 6:45pm at Corps Fitness.

    1st movie night at CF so bring a something cozy to sit on!!

  • Friday Food for Thought


  • It’s out there.  Find it!

    It’s out there. Find it!

    There’s SO much information at your fingertips these days – get out there and find it, read it, question it, educate yourself, and make changes to get results.  And remember, everything you read on the internet isn’t true, but some is, and it’s just sitting there waiting to be discovered!

    Marks Daily Apple is a tremendous source to check every once in a while.  Here’s an interesting post on coffee, insulin and post-workout meals.

    What are your favorite health sites (other than the obvious answer, Corps Fitness)? :-)

    REMINDER: There will be no regular (8 AM and 1 PM) classes on Sunday 10/5.  Join us at the Kyle Pagerly 5k!  Garage Strength will have open gym from 9-noon.  Come check out what they’re all about and work on your lifting form!!!

  • Squash Your Appetite!

    Happy October!!
    Did you know that several varieties of squash are edible and delicious?  Check out the link for information and recipes.


    Photo credit: Epicurious.com


  • Did you know? Never stop improving


    No matter how well you do something, you can always do better!  Learn from your mistakes and try again.


  • Did you know? Stay up to date

    Did you know you can subscribe to the CF blog and get daily emails of the posts?  Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Subscribe In A Reader’


    then click the blue link that reads ‘Get Corps Fitness Delivered by Email’


    Complete the information and hit the ‘Complete Subscription Request’ button


    That’s all it takes to stay up to date and on top of the most current happenings at CF!


  • CF makes you better at…

    …pretty much anything!  Carrying kids or groceries or hoisting heavy stuff into your car.  Bending, lifting at odd angles, climbing the stairs, having the strength to recover from an accident or injury.  No, we don’t focus 100% of every workout on running or strength or agility, but all of these are 100% percent included in what we do every day.  And we pretty much never swim (though some days it may feel *or look* like we do), but CFers are pretty good at that, too!!  You know you can do it, you have the mental toughness to get it done, no doubt you will do it!  Keep up the good work, CFers!!


  • CF Kids – The next generation of CFers

    CF Kids – The next generation of CFers

    “Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting.  So…get on your way!”
    – Dr. Seuss
    kids1 kids2 kids3 kids5 kids6
  • Hoov!

    Special shout-out to our boy Hoov for his fitness profile in the Reading Eagle this Thursday.  Mark (did you know that’s his actual name?) is not only an outstanding guy, but he also motivates everyone around him during the workouts and is always there to lend a helping hand if needed.  A lifelong love of fitness has kept him going through tough times, and we are all better people for knowing him!


    Photo credit: Reading Eagle

    Photo credit: J. Drey, Reading Eagle

  • Comfort Zone, Shmumfort Zone

    Comfort Zone, Shmumfort Zone

    We all know it’s true, but a recent NYTimes article explains why…  Intense exercise like what we do at CF, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone during a workout, prompts the body to release catecholamines and CRTC2 proteins.  This combination helps improve strength and endurance, with a certain caveat:

    “The study also underscores the importance of periodically reassessing the intensity of your workouts“…”if you wish to continually improve your fitness. Once a routine is familiar, your sympathetic nervous system grows blasé, he said, holds back adrenaline and doesn’t alert the CRTC2 proteins, and few additional adaptations occur.”

    Even more evidence that doing something special, like what we do at CF, will only help you get stronger and improve your endurance!

    photo 3 photo 2