• Festivus for the Rest of Us…

    Festivus for the Rest of Us…

    Congratulations to CFers Lindsey, Craig, Amanda, Will, Sara, Jeremy, Jeanne, and Kristin, who competed in the Festivus Games this weekend!

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  • Thursday Updates!

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    For continuous updates on our special events, please keep an eye on the Special Events Page of the CF Website

    >> Corps Fitness will be holding our first cook off on Saturday, April 25th at 6pm! For more details click here!

    >> The April fitness challenge test-in is complete.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  The test-out dates will NOT be announced.  Work on your exercises this month, and see your progress at test-out!!

    >> Corps Fitness T-shirt design- Calling all creative individuals!  We want you to design our next Corps Fitness t-shirt!!Submit your design by April 17th to be voted on by your fellow CF’ers! Voting will take place April 20th-24th.  Our WINNER will have their design printed and will receive gear and more for FREE!
    Guidelines: CF will print a maximum of 4 colors on a short sleeve t-shirt.  If designing on paper, please use a black sharpie to outline your design.

    >> Mike Lawrence T-shirts are still available at the front desk!  Stop by and check them out today!

    >> Next week begins our return to all abilities classes and the M/W/F Corps Fitness / T/R CrossFit classes.  Van will be teaching on Monday evenings, and Brian will teach on Wednesday evenings.  Thank you to all of our CFers and our awesome instructors for keeping things running smoothly!!

    Weekend instructors:
    Friday 5:30 PM – Gretchen
    Sunday 8 and 9:30 AM – Gretchen

  • Special Announcement!

    We are excited to announce some great new things about to take place at Building 7!  Very soon we will be welcoming a new company on Bravo side that is going to be a perfect complement to what we currently offer at CF.  At this time, we are not able to release any details as we want to respect our future partner’s business interests and ensure a successful transition into their new space.  However, we promise to share with you the specifics very soon!

    In the meantime, to prepare for this new partnership, we are adapting our schedule slightly because we are CFers and that’s what we do best!  These changes will take effect Monday April 13th.

    *First, to make a better flow to the schedule, we are swapping our Corps Fitness and CrossFit class days.  Beginning April 13th, CrossFit classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays (with additional open gym CrossFit days and times possibly being added to the schedule) and Corps Fitness classes will be held on Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

    *Second, class times, for the most part, will remain the same with the following exceptions:

    •  M/W 5:15AM classes held on Bravo side will now be held at 5:30AM on Alpha side.
    •  M/W Noon CrossFit classes will now be offered T/TH at noon.  Additional Corps Fitness classes also will possibly be added M/W at noon.

    *NOTE:  In the early days of Corps Fitness, there were no distinctions of “Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced” classes.  Therefore, we welcome everyone to every class on the schedule and for that reason, we are going back to ALL classes being All Abilities.  

    This great new partnership to be added on Bravo side and the schedule adaptations being made are going to allow for us to put more offerings in the way of classes, special events, etc. for all our members.  Please make note of the upcoming changes.  A new schedule will be on the CF website and Facebook page by April 12th.

    Corps Fitness is proud to offer Corps Fitness, CrossFit,  Indoor cycling and Krank Cycling classes which collectively provide the best conditioning for endurance, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and mental toughness all while in the CF setting promoting Respect, Accountability and Teamwork. Thank you all so much for believing in and supporting what we do at Corps Fitness, and we look forward to sharing more with you all very soon!

    If you have any questions, please post to the comments below.

  • Did you know? Seal Fit interview

    An interview with Mark Divine, creator of Seal Fit.  Get past the book plugs, and take away what you take away from the interview and discussion!  Worth a listen if you have some time.  Because ya learn stuff!

    - Meet everyone where they currently are
    – Scaled and adapted from 69 years old to in their 20s
    – Take yourself out of your comfort zone

    Hmmm, sound like anyone / anything you know?

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  • Body Fat 101

    If you’re trying to lean out (not in), check out this intriguing article on reasons you may not be losing body fat.  It may be a different reason than you think!

  • CrossFit Open Time!

    Corps Fitness / CrossFit Berks wants to be your affiliate for the CrossFit Games Open!  Anyone who signs up for the  open will compete in five workouts over five weeks and post their scores online.  Last year more than 209,000 athletes participated from around the world!

    Corps Fitness / CrossFit Berks will be offering open gym times throughout the Open for registered individuals to work out.  The week’s workout will be released each Thursday at 8pm, and scores are due the following Monday at 8pm. You will have four days (96 hours) to complete the week’s workout and submit your best score to the Games site.  You are free to make as many attempts you wish.

    Corps Fitness will offer our regularly scheduled open gym times for you to complete each week’s workout. Unlimited Plan members will have FREE access while Punchcard holders can have access for 1 regular punch.  We will be compiling a list of judges and competitors which will be e-mailed out and posted.

    15.1: Feb. 26 -March 2
    15.2: March 5-9
    15.3: March 12-16
    15.4: March 19-23
    15.5: March 26-30

    Whether you are signing up to prove you’re the best or you are simply looking to have a friendly competition, Corps Fitness / CrossFit Berks is ready!

    To register visit http://games.crossfit.com/. If you would like to be a judge, you can get your online certification for ONLY $10.00!  We highly recommend that you get your judges certificate, even if you do not plan to judge.  The certification covers all movement standards you will see throughout the CrossFit Games.

    Please let Corps Fitness / CrossFit Berks know you are registered by e-mailing jen@corpsfitness.net or signing you name at the front desk.

  • Too Much Water?


    Too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing!  There are many health benefits to increasing your fluid intake, but did you know too much in too little time can be toxic?  The body loves homeostasis and keeps this incredibly intricate balancing act in check with surprising efficiency.  When it’s disrupted, however, it can spell disaster.

    Read up on the symptoms of water intoxication
    “…You might be hot, have a headache, and just feel crummy. Other early symptoms can include diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.”
    “”…look at your pee,” McStay says. “If it’s dark, you’re probably dehydrated, and you should drink. But you wouldn’t want to be peeing, peeing, peeing, and it’s clear. Then you’re peeing out almost clear water and you have a problem.”

    Read up on how water intoxication works
    “At its most basic, water intoxication occurs when a person drinks so much water that the other nutrients in the body become diluted to the point that they can no longer do their jobs.”

    Read up on more facts here
    “As long as you are healthy and equipped with a thirst barometer unimpaired by old age or mind-altering drugs, follow Verbalis’s advice, “drink to your thirst. It’s the best indicator.”
    – Joseph Verbalis, chairman of medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center

    Key takeaways:
    Listen to your body’s cues:
    – drink to your thirst
    – watch your pee
    Use common sense
    Don’t do it because someone else “told you to,” do it because you want to!

    **Listen to your body and use common sense when choosing your water intake.  A gallon may or may not work for you.  The goal of this challenge is to raise self awareness about your own hydration levels and what’s healthy for you.**
    **Make sure you’re getting a balance of electrolytes through your diet and fluid intake as well, especially when you’re flushing them out via sweating during a strenuous workout.**

    Weekend instructors:
    Friday 5:30 PM: Van
    Sunday 8 and 9:30: John

  • Baby it’s cold outside…

    Baby it’s cold outside…

    It’s January, it’s cold and gloomy, the sun is MIA, germs are spreading, and it’s easy to get bogged down in the ho-hum every day.  Why not embrace the cold and look to the positive side!  Did you know that being cold has many health benefits, including activating brown fat and helping regulate body weight?

    Now I’m not saying you need to go taking cold showers or anything, but there are some potential benefits to that as well…  But drinking cold water isn’t a bad idea – hey, we have a water drinking challenge in February anyway, why not make it cold?!

    And if you do happen to be exercising in the cold, please dress appropriately!  Not that you need a calculator to figure this out, but here’s one anyway :)  The site contains some ads, but it provides great tips like “wear a hat” and “pants would probably be a good idea”.

    Apparently these guys didn’t get the memo:

    *NOT dressed appropriately…

    If that’s not enough links in one post for you, here’s one more!

  • Do you H2O?

    Do you H2O?



    What is lost, must be regained.

    Water……Your body is composed of 60% water.   You lose it sweating (every CFer knows this – some more than others, no names!), going to the bathroom and even when you breathe.  Every cell, tissue and organ of your body needs water to function correctly.    So what happens when you don’t have enough?  Well, let’s not find out!

    Join CF for February’s Water Challenge!!   Every day for the month of February, drink 128 oz. of water…yes, 128 oz = 1 gallon… And see how you feel / look / perform at the end of the month compared to the beginning.  Take a picture, make a journal entry, send an email.  Just keep track for yourself – no outside monitoring, checking in, etc.  It’s all about YOU.

    To top it all off, CF is making it easy for you:  Buy an awesome Nalgene Corps Fitness 32 oz. water bottle – drink 4 full bottles per day – to track your intake for only $16 (while supplies last, available starting TODAY at the front desk).

    2015-01-28 12.13.53

    You can drink your water and look cool doing it! (purchase of water bottle not mandatory to participate in water challenge….but hey, why not look cool drinking your water?).  What’s in it for you?  Giving back to your body what it loses in the course of a workout, better kidney functioning, calorie control, establishing good habits and possibly breaking old (eliminating sodas and other “sweet” drinks), healthy skin, and the list goes on…

    Water has become the new chocolate for the month of February…heck with the heart shaped box of chocolates and get your water on instead!

    If you're seeing this sign a lot, you're probably doing it right!

    If you’re seeing this sign more often, you’re probably doing it right!

  • Share the CF Spirit: Bring a Friend

    From January 7-13, bring as many friends to any class for FREE! (CF member is encouraged to attend class with their friend(s) – yes you may bring multiple friends to one class – and how friendly would it be for you to say “here it is, good luck!”?  Think back to how you felt walking through the Bldg 7 doors on your first day, and make sure to be as welcoming as the rest of the CFers were to you when you started!)

    We all have friends who call us crazy (is that a fancy word for motivated?) for doing what they think we do at CF, but do they even know what we do?  Bring them in, show them the ropes.  Because the CF family is always happy to welcome new members who uphold the CF values and traditions:
    - being a part of something bigger than yourself
    - sacrificing yourself for the greater good of those around you
    – suffering together