• Zach Meredith Blues Cruise

    This coming weekend, Zach will be running the Blues Cruise 50k – quite an accomplishment!!  He has been training hard on the Blue Marsh trails and is looking forward to getting more CF time after the race.  As if that isn’t enough, Zach is raising money for the IM ABLE Foundation through his first giving site as well and is almost 1/2 way to his $1000 goal.  If you’d like to donate, please visit Zach’s site!

    Good luck, Zach!!

  • Pags Mag(net)s – Now available at CF

    Pick yours up today for a $5 donation to the Kyle Pagerly Memorial Fund and show your support!


  • Respect

    Newbies beware: Did you know that there’s a penalty for being late to a CF class?  You should be arriving 10-15 minutes early!!  Think about it – you have absolutely no idea what you’re walking into, what the exercises or format will be, not even where to take a pre-class pee if you need to!  Come on.  Be respectful and accountable to your fellow CFers and instructors.  Respect those around you by arriving early for class.  Do your research: it’s all there on the Corps Fitness page under “What is CF / First Timers“.

    Your first time at CORPS FITNESS:

    1. Arrive early. Plan to be there 15 minutes prior to class starting. Please respect the group that was there on time by not showing up late. The instructor reserves the right to not permit you to participate if you miss important demonstrations that would jeopardize safety.
    2. Wear comfortable exercise apparel and footwear appropriate for running, jumping, and other dynamic movements.
    3. Bring water.
    4. Say “Hi” to the other participants. Don’t be surprised when veteran CORPS FITNESS members introduce themselves!
    5. Follow along with the group, listen to instructions, watch what experienced CORPS FITNESS members are doing.
    6. Work hard and have fun!
  • New Opportunities and Instructor

    Corps Fitness would like to extend a warm welcome to Justin Cox, who joins us by way of California.  Justin will provide opportunities for fitness / strength building in Bldg 7.  He is an ASFA trainer as well as a US Marine who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa and the US.  In 2004, his Humvee was hit by an RPG and he sustained damage to his hearing and skin, but fortunately avoided catastrophic injuries.  We’re excited to provide an opportunity for Justin to get back into the civilian world and motivate some willing CFers!

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  • RU ABLE?

    Online registration for the RU ABLE Duathlon and 5k is open through next Thursday (9/10) at 11:59 PM.  We have a separate category for CFers, so sign up today and test your meddle in an endurance event, either individually or on a team with 1-2 other CFers!  Being strong is great, but being strong, agile, quick, flexible, and having endurance is even better!!  Thank you as well to all of our volunteers who are coming out.  If you don’t want to participate or volunteer, this is a fun, local event that promises to be an exciting, inspiring day.  Come check it out!

  • The Collective “We”

    You may have heard it mentioned a few (cough, cough) times at Corps Fitness, but one of the greatest things about this place is that it’s not about you!  It’s about pushing each other through a tough hour where you inevitably bond with your fellow CFer.  You work harder because your neighbor is doing the same thing, and so on.  Everyone improves because everyone else improves!  The US culture is so caught up in the “me” that we often forget about the “we” – everyone else around us, and how much more we can accomplish if we all work together.  Here’s one article if you want to learn more, or you can Google “collectivism” and see what intrigues you.

  • The Few, the Fit

    “…The event emphasized the importance of regular physical activity and offered a close-up view of what that means when you’re a Marine.

    “It was a wake-up call, not only physically, but mentally, to let these kids know that their health is important,” said Maj. Nadrian McGill, who has been a Marine for 22 years.”

    Sound familiar?  With rates of childhood obesity skyrocketing, the least we can do is set a good example for the next generation!

  • How do you…

    …catch your breath?

    Recovery during a workout deserves attention just like the exercises themselves!  According to this study recently summarized in Men’s Health, the best way may be to lean forward, hands on your knees.  This allows your chest cavity to expand and your diaphragm to move more easily, expelling CO2 and bringing in more O2.  You’re welcome!

    *thank you to avid blog and Men’s Health reader Scott L for this article!

  • Stable vs Mobile – joints

    Did you ever stop to think about your joints and how they work?  Some are stable and others mobile and some can be either but it’s preferable to control it.  All work together in perfect harmony to get you where you need to be!

    “To protect your knee, then, you must maintain good mobility in the other areas, especially those immediately above (hip) and below (ankle). If you lose mobility in the hip or ankle, your knee must compensate for the missing movement. Your knee becomes mobile to make up for the missing mobility above and below, and since the knee isn’t supposed to be mobile, you get pain, and injury, and downtime, and co-pays, and surgery bills. All those hip mobility drills, and the ankle mobility exercises – that’s what you want. Those are the keys to healthy knees.”
    -Marks Daily Apple

    Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/dear-mark-pregnant-exercise-low-carb-and-alcohol-tolerance-ancestral-sun-dosages-and-knee-mobility/#ixzz3ii5Ikequ

    And here for joint mobility drills: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/joint-mobility-drills/#axzz3ii5Se700

  • Trunk show 7/18

    Trunk Show to Benefit Operation Badge 27!

    Saturday, July 18th from 9:30 – 11am

    Kristin Reynolds, one of our committed AMers, will be hosting a trunk show to help support our Operation Badge 27 Program.  You may have already seen some of her fitness apparel items on our CFers!

    Ultrafit Activewear is a high end line where fit and fashion come together to create their exclusive look.  Once you see the line, you’ll know it every time you see someone sporting them.  Once you try them, you’ll never go back!
    To preview the line visit: http://www.ultrafitactivewearusa.com/

    Come out, pick up some great athletic gear and support our first responders!