July 17, 2017

Maybe the only true failure…

…is never trying in the first place.  At least, that’s what Spanx founder Sara Blakely figured out when, as an adult, she analyzed her father’s encouragement of failure during her childhood.  During a recent interview, she discussed her father asking her and her siblings how they had failed each week during family dinner.  If they didn’t have an answer, he “almost seemed disappointed.”  She recalled one time mentioning how she had tried out for a play, failing horribly, much to the approval of her father.  In teaching and encouraging his children to embrace failure, he was delivering a powerful message: the only true failure is never even trying.

Embrace failure.  Whether it’s failing to meet your nutritional goals, failure to get that PR you’ve been working towards… Whatever it may be.  Keep trying, keep pushing your limits, and you will accomplish great things!


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