CFers have proven themselves to be competitors in all types of events.  We train hard, we compete hard.  But training is not the only component….proper fueling and nutrition is too!

We are excited to announce a Sports and Performance Nutrition seminar led by Matt Weik of Weik Fitness on Wed. 4/5 at 6:45PM.  Available to CF members($20)  as well as non-members($25).  We are requiring a minimum of 10 pre-paid sign ups to hold this seminar.  Additionally, if you have any specific questions you’d like to have addressed as a part of this seminar, you have the opportunity to submit your question in advance to insure that it is covered.

We hope you’ll join us!

Weik Flyer

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to the impending weather, tomorrow’s 5:30AM class is cancelled as is the morning open gym.
Please continue to check the Facebook page and/or blog for further announcements regarding class cancellations and gym closures.
Stay safe!!

Coming next Tuesday, March 7th from 8:30AM – 9:30AM.
We will be offering a CrossFit/Corps Fitness Hybrid class. And it’s just like it sounds….a little bit of both offerings in the mix.
As always, as long as attendance warrants it, this will class will stay on the schedule! See you next week!


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17.1 pic

CrossFit Open Participants:
17.1 was announced last night, and the Open is underway.
*Scorecards will be housed in a folder behind front desk.

*You may utilize the gym during our regular Open Gym hours to do your workout. Scores for each workout must be in by Monday 8PM NO EXCEPTIONS!
*It is our understanding from the CrossFit Rule Book that a certified judge (one having taken the Judges Course and passed) need only be used for “Regional-caliber athletes”. So, plan your judge selection accordingly. Judges that ARE certified are:
Emily McDonough
Will Diaz
Rob Rauenzahn
Craig Johnson
Melissa Hazlett
**If you are not listed above, but did take the course, post in comments below or let Melissa know so she can add you.
*Emily McDonough is our Affiliate Manager for the Open. She will be validating all scores when entered online.
*If you are not officially registered for the games, you still can challenge yourself to each workout!


A positive attitude goes a long way, at work and in life!  Don’t give in to the negativity, manipulation, or other mind games that others may use to bring others down.  That’s the mental toughness that will lift you and those around you up – resilience in the face of adversity!

“From a ME mentality to a WE mentality…”


On November 27th, the Owens family suffered a terrible tragedy when their 7-year-old son Jayden accidentally drowned in a lake near their home in Orlando, Florida.  Karen and Adam did everything they could to keep him safe, but his curious spirit found a way past the barriers.  Please keep the Owens family in your thoughts and prayers.

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