HW Honor Roll

We are ready to roll with our Summer ’17 Hero Week, and this installation will honor fallen Marines and our Pags (on the 6th anniversary of his death, 6/29), as well as pay tribute to the foundations of Corps Fitness.
**Sunday, June 25th – 10:00AM Class (ONLY CLASS)
Monday 6/26 – Regular Class Schedule
Tuesday 6/27 – Regular Schedule (8:30AM class WILL be the Hero workout) Spin Hybrid will be as usual
Wednesday 6/28 – Regular Schedule
Thursday 6/29 (Pags) – ****Regular Schedule PLUS 9:30AM Class option to do the Hero Workout (8:45 Spin hybrid as usual)
Friday – Regular Schedule
Saturday 7/1 – FINALE 9AM! Stay tuned for details regarding our finale!!!
Saturday 7/1 – Send Off for Ike Nawa after class. More details to come!
And don’t forget to sign up for a t-shirt at the front desk. Design shown below (thank you Matthew Jackson!!)



A huge shout out and THANK YOU to Rob and Kim Rauenzahn for sponsoring Corps Fitness to be an Official Host to the Murph Challenge, presented by Forged.

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This annual event serves as a major fundraiser for the Lt. Michael P. Murphy Scholarship Foundation which presents over 22 scholarships each year as well as making contributions to other very worthy organizations.  If you would like to be officially registered (registration will get you a free tank or t-shirt and you will be able to submit your time to see how you compare around the country), you can do so here: https://themurphchallenge.com/pages/register  The cost to be officially registered is $40 or $60 for gold level (additionally get a hat).  Remember, all proceeds go to the Foundation.

And, even if you do not officially register, you still can join in the “fun”.  This “fun” will be held on Saturday, May 27th at 8:30AM.  This will be the ONLY class at CF that day.   For those of you who have never participated or have never done the “Murph” workout, here is a quote from the website that serves as a great motivation to get it done.

“The ’MURPH’ is more than just a workout, it is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor a man who gave everything he had.”

Looking for a big crowd to gut out “Murph” on May 27th….can’t wait to see you there!  Thanks again Rob & Kim!!!

**We encourage ALL CFers to come try out Murph.  If you are new or worried about making it through the workout, remember, there are always ways to scale for your fitness level.** Please read the Murph waiver carefully, and DON’T GET RHABDO!! (The post linked below sums up a lot of history on the CF blog about rhabdo – no sense reinventing the wheel.  And since you’re here reading about Murph, you should also take some time to educate yourself about rhabdo and how NOT to get it.)

Rhabdo is no go


Our 2017 event went incredibly well!  Photos are posted on social media and a few will be featured on the blog later this week.  A huge shout out and THANK YOU to our event leaders, volunteers, and participants for making it a great day!!

Free Intro and Ongoing Open Gym Times
The next FREE INTRO will be Saturday 4/8 at 9:15 AM with Chris
Open gym times are continuing thanks to our PSU student trainers!
Mon-Fri 6:30am – 1pm and 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Sat 10:30 – 11:30am
Sunday 9:30 – 10:30am

Weik Flyer
Nutrition Seminar – CANCELLED
The seminar originally scheduled for April 5th is CANCELLED!

In-game run with the Fightins – NEXT SATURDAY!
Assemble your teams and get registered for the April 15th event!  More details in previous post

Got the Nerve Triathlon
A great race for beginners and seasoned athletes, Got the Nerve takes place May 20th this year in beautiful Mt Gretna, PA.  Not interested in racing?  Consider volunteering your time – locally in Wyomissing May 17th / 18th, or at the race site May 19th / 20th.  This is a great event for HS students to gain some community service hours, as well!  More info and links are available at gotthenerve.org

College Student Membership Rate
We understand full time college students are strapped for cash, so we’re introducing a student rate for full time students (12+ credits per semester) to attend Corps Fitness for $70 / month (unlimited membership).  Must present a valid school ID when purchasing.

Bar pass, step-ups, and team bar carry make a comeback!
Lots of core work and ground stability on the docket Monday!


April Challenge
Snow in March got you down?  Not feeling lucky this St. Patty’s Day?  Our April attendance challenge is the perfect thing to turn things around and create your own luck!!  See Wednesday’s post for more details and sign up today!!

All Out In Berks – Volunteers Needed
We’re in need of a few CFers to volunteer for the AOIB on April 1st.  The event will run from about 8 AM – 1 PM, and will be a fun time encouraging some awesome athletes and seeing some incredible feats of athleticism!  A bunch of other local gyms are participating, so it’ll be a great way to meet some others who share your passion for fitness.  If you’re in, sign up at the front desk today!

CrossFit Open
Speaking of volunteering, judging the CrossFit Open workouts is a great way to sharpen your skills at recognizing good and bad movements / reps.  This week’s workout is a 13-minute time cap of 4 exercises everyone is familiar with.  If you’ve got 13 minutes to spare after tonight, Saturday 9:15, Sunday, or Monday’s PM class, please stick around!  And a reminder: you don’t have to complete the CrossFit judge’s course to judge competitors this year!

Ongoing Open Gym Times
Open gym times are continuing thanks to our PSU student trainers!
We have added:
Mon-Fri 6:30am – 1pm and 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Sat 10:30 – 11:30am
Sunday 9:30 – 10:30am

Attendance challenge pic

Snow in March, just a few days before spring’s arrival, gotcha down? We have the perfect thing to help get your mind off of it….A CHALLENGE!
This is a challenge ANYONE can do. It’s an Attendance Challenge.
Rules are on the flyer attached, but key points to know:
1. Runs the entire month of April.
2. Must Pre-enter the challenge before the start of the month by signing up at front desk.
It’s a very simple challenge, and will result in a huge reward for a lucky challenger!
Sign up to commit! Nothing to lose here folks!

New exciting options at CF!
6:30 PM Functional Fitness for Runners – starts TONIGHT!
Are you a runner, or do you want to become a runner!  Check out our great new partnership with A Running Start!  Don’t be scared by the “run-centric” aspect of this class.  Come on out and give it a try, learn what it’s all about, and see how it may benefit you.  This 6:30 PM time slot is something that has been requested by CFers, so we’re hoping it’s well utilized!

Motivate a friend!

The CrossFit Open will take place from Feb 23 – Mar 27.  If you want to register (gives you access to website to see how you’re ranked among others nationally), visit https://games.crossfit.com/
It’s not required to register online – you can still do the workouts at Corps Fitness during the times we’ll set up.  Corps Fitness does not get anything for you registering; it’s a personal thing if you want to.
We WILL need judges for the workouts – the judges course is available online.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it appears to be open and ready at any point (and a good way for XF to make $10 a pop…).  No doubt it’s a good way to learn the movements and what IS vs ISN’T a rep in CrossFit.  We’ll gather a list of all who take the judges course and can then score workouts when they come up.

Throwdown with XF Ephrata!  Friday, February 10th, any interested CFers wishing to participate in a CrossFit style throw down, we will be heading to CrossFit Ephrata to join their gang at 7:00PM. This is just a friendly CrossFit style workout done with CrossFitters from nearby. So that we can get a decent head count, please give melissa@corpsfitness.net a shout to let her know if you’ll be able to attend.

Also, the All Out In Berks is changing over to a PURELY CrossFit competition this year.  CFers have visited other CrossFit “Boxes” in the past for similar events.  Spread the word to the CrossFit community and bring others in!

Other ongoing special events – reference last week’s updates!
Jay’s personal training
Kimchi and honey at CF


I’m so proud of our IM ABLE Foundation team and honored they took on the challenge of the NYC Marathon to support IM ABLE’s mission of getting as many people MOVING as possible! Despite some challenges, everyone maintained the Can-Do attitude and completed the goal they set out to accomplish. So great to be in the middle of the energy of the day while tracking and supporting all of our athletes! Congratulations Zach, Brett, Devann, Karen, Sam and Cathy (not pictured)!!!

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Saturday’s event was so much more than who came in first, second and third place. It was an event to showcase our local first responders and to give a shout out to them for all they do as a part of their jobs. For all you do, we thank you!

4 person teams starting off at Corps Fitness with a cumulative 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups & 300 squats there out the door to cover 5 1/2 miles ending at the Law Enforcement Memorial at Grings Mill with mental, physical & tactical challenges of a total of 13!

Emergency personnel deal with unanticipated challenges daily so these challenges were meant to task competitors to feel the pressure along with the physical to accomplish the tasks at hand.

So many thank you’s are due to so many. To our business sponsors (see facebook links below): you ROCK, and we are so very grateful! To our many volunteers: you are some FANTASTIC people who know how to get the job done! And to our competitors: what would we do without YOU???? You were motivating, inspiring, hard-working and gracious.  And another HUGE thank you goes out to Melissa, Sandy, Aimee, Chris, and everyone who organized this outstanding event!!

Finishing times are posted at the bottom of this post, for those who are curious.

If any one has pictures, feel free to share. Many are available on the event facebook page, and we’ll be posting the link to view pictures taken by our photographer, Jason Hugg, of Hugg Media Group, soon!

At the afterparty we had numerous emergency vehicles on hand for kids to explore as well as great food from our sponsor Mission BBQ Wyomissing!! Thank you to all those in uniform who joined us and provided equipment and all of our sponsors who made this 1st year event a success to benefit the Deputy Kyle Pagerly Memorial, Kyle Pagerly MemorialEsterbrook PharmacyAll About Women, Wyomissing Borough Police Department, PAPA Dutch Farmers Market of WyomissingWest Reading Fire Department, Wyomissing Fire Department, Life Lion Critical Care TransportA Running Start – West Reading, inov-8 All Terrain Running

Team Nawata: 1:58:30
Organized Chaos: 1:37:00
Rock Solid X 2: 1:39:53
We Aren’t That Creative: 1:48:55
Algeos/Stichter/Gonzalez: 2:07:32
Slow & Steady: 1:41:18
Fitness Pizza In My Mouth: 1:52:17
Vision 911: 2:11:55
Vicious and Delicious 4.0: 1:38:46
Jacked Unicorns: 1:57:53
Hit Squad: 1:34:00
Queen Bee +3: 1:46:27

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Sign up today!!

A HUGE thank you to All About Women and Dr. Chris DeAngelis for their sponsorship of our event! They are an official Challenge Sponsor, and you will see their challenge along the course! We greatly appreciate their support of our First Responders and for their tax-deductible donation that allows us to give back as much as possible to the Kyle D. Pagerly Memorial Fund 501c3!


1st Annual Call To Action – Badge 27 Edition Challenge