SCHEDULE CHANGE – Starting on Tuesday July 24th, we’re going to have a Corps Fitness/CrossFit Hybrid at 9:30am and a Spin Krank/CrossFit Hybrid on Thursdays at 9:30am. In other words, we’re combining the 8:30am and 9:45am Tuesday/Thursday classes for the time being. We’ll always continue to make our classes the best they can possibly be and we’ll also always look for ways to offer additional classes that our clients are looking for. Thank you everyone for your continued support! #CorpsFitnessCrossFitBerks


For those early morning CFers who were wondering… We were witnesses to an entomological phenomenon known as mayfly hatching. Don’t worry, they don’t sting or even have mouths to bite at this nymph stage (only live a couple days at most). …And at least it wasn’t an actual swarm! I’ve been through a couple of those – in Michigan and in PA – and they’re nasty 😕

“Adopt the right mindset. Think of it this way. The hatch is a remarkable demonstration of nature in action. For instance, you may be able to watch a mayfly molt right before your eyes. “If you’re lucky, one will land on your arm, its back will split open, it will emerge from the old exoskeleton, and then it will fly away leaving its little skin behind,” Latimore said. Yes, lucky you.”

How to Survive a Massive Mayfly Swarm

Late spring and early summer there is a short-lived but massive mayfly invasion. Millions and millions of the fluttering insects rise up from the lake and into the air in thick clouds.


Tomorrow we are back to regular schedule. For the Spin/Krank we are going to post the next 3 days to show our programming changes. We’re including the CrossFit metcon and giving it the Spin/Krank twist where possible. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

THURSDAY 7/5/2018
Krank/Crossfit Hybrid

WARMUP (10-15 Minutes)
3:00 Minute Krank
:30L/:30D/:30L x2

5 KB Squat Jumps
5 Goblet Squats
5 Russian Swings
5 Lateral Goblet Squats each
5 Russian Swings

3:00 Minute Krank
:30L/:30D/:30L x2

“METCON” (20 MInutes)

1. PLATE PUSH (Length of Gym) 200/150/100
2. KB Farmer Carry (Length of Gym) AHAP 53/35/26
3. L-Sit Hold x 10s Bar/Box/Rings/Floor
— Rest 2:00 —


TUESDAY 7/10/2018
Krank/Crossfit Hybrid

WARMUP (10 Minutes)

5:00 Minute Bike
:30H/:10E x 6
1:00 Minute Krank (Reverse)
3:00 Minute Bike
:20H/10E x 6

“METCON” (25 MInutes)

Every 5:00 x 5 Sets:

Spin for 1:30/Krank 1:30 (Reverse) — Alternate
12 C2B Pull-ups (Chest to Bar) ALT: Pull-ups/Band Assisted Pull-ups/Box Push-ups (incline)
20/16 Hand Release Push-ups

*Score = slowest split

Athletes should record all your splits, score will be your slowest split.

*ABS (5 Minutes)
Straight Leg Sit-ups with. DB on chest: 4 x 5. Do with a partner holding feet. Switch between sets.
*If there is extra time

THURSDAY 7/12/2018
Krank/Crossfit Hybrid

WARMUP KRANK (6 Minutes)
Done on Single Leg/Opposite Arm
:30R/1:00D/:30L x3

WARMUP WEIGHTS (12-15 Minutes)
3 Rounds BP Lower Complex #1 (Do with Empty Bar):

5 RDLs
5 Sumo Stance RDLs
5 Front Squats
5 Front Rack Reverse Lunges each Leg
5 Goodmornings
5 Bent-over Rows
REST: :30

“METCON” (15 MInutes)

In 12:00 Time Cap

50 Wallballs (20, 14)
40 Lateral Burpees over the Bar
30 Kettlebell Swings 35/26

Remaining time AMRAP: Wallballs

L3: (225, 155)
L2: (14, 10) (165, 115)
L1: (10, 8) (135, 95)

*Score = total wallballs completed

:30 Each
Plank/Side Plank (each Side) x2
Six Inches/Flutter Kicks/Scissors x2