Oh this is going to be fun….. 2nd Annual Call To Action! Next Saturday, October 28th.

**PLEASE NOTE: Gym will be CLOSED this day due to the challenge!

Test-run day of some of the challenges was yesterday….
*Some* of the goodies involved….and some of the places seen below. Looking forward to challenging (but fun) times next Saturday!

*Could still use some more volunteers (email melissa@corpsfitness.net).

*Non-competitors who would like to have some delicious #missionbbqwyomissing food for the after-party can pre-purchase a buffet ticket for $10. Deadline for pre-orders is Tuesday 10/24.


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Yesssssss….More sponsors!

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#calltoactionchallenge participants will have a chance to win one of the many gift certificates for this great product!

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CFERS: I have some folks that are looking to join a Call To Action team….

Here’s your chance! We are almost 2 weeks away from the event….if you want to participate but need assistance getting a complete team together, contact melissa@corpsfitness.net asap!

We don’t want anyone missing out on participating in this event. So don’t be shy; contact Melissa NOW!