July 15, 2016

Chris Moon

Chances are, you did not know Chris Moon. But he was a son, a brother, a friend, a classmate, a fellow soldier and much more to so many people.

He died 6 years ago today. Remembering him the way we do….the way Corps Fitness remembers fallen soldiers, fallen first responders, and those killed in tragic circumstances….by digging deep and gutting out tough workouts, by doing extra weights, by going longer distances, by trying things that are new or difficult, and by not complaining over the workout because “We Get To”….It Is Important.

What we do is important and it means something because these people we honor are sons, daughters, friends, classmates, neighbors and community members that are missed every day. It is important to not only honor these heroes, but to remind their family and friends that they are not forgotten….

Some pics below of classes getting it done, with Brian joining in the Noon class to honor his friend Chris.


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