August 19, 2016

Choose to Be Strong

20160729_182220 20160804_120823Though I’ve always been a quieter, more introverted person (I’m pretty sure most of my HS thought I didn’t speak), I’ve always taken pride in my ability to lead by example (#10 on this list).  Not out there yelling, being the loudest or most showy, just plain old head down, nose to the grindstone getting.it.done. (so much so that my youth swim coach once said “if I told Gretchen to go swim a 500 butterfly, she would just go and do it.” No whining, no complaining, no excuses, just do it.)

My favorite quotes from this article:
“A job well done is its own reward, even if no one else sees it or knows it.”
“So, that last place finisher in the workout? We cheer for them. That last runner on the course? We raise our voices. If someone needs a helping hand, we offer ours first.”

And one more, for the parents out there (complete with a bonus link) 🙂
“Those lessons we learned by looking life in the eye? We teach them to our kids. Then we let them fail or succeed on their own, because we know that failure will teach them as much as success will. And just like we wouldn’t want anyone else to hand success to us (we wish to earn it), we know we do our children no favors by handing success to them.”

10 Things Strong Women (and Men!) Do by Lisbeth Darsh



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