May 16, 2014

Weekend updates!

As BF pointed out, the pull-up challenge is over 1000 and growing!!  If you’re still in, stay in - you’ve made it this far, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

If you’re doing the dip challenge, keep track on the pull-up boards (fill in the squares / cross off the other way / whatever you need to do to keep track).  All of you who are doing both pull-ups and dips right now, are you ready for muscle-ups??  I think yes…

Good luck to all CFers and other participants in GTN tomorrow, and THANK YOU to all of the volunteers!!  We couldn’t do this without you, and all of your hard work is very much appreciated!!

Also, a thank you to Ben W for coming out and training us this week.  Quite a few new exercises were in the mix, and everyone had a good time and worked their butts off!

*Reminder: 7 AM class Saturday 5/17 is CANCELLED. 8:30 will be at normal time.  No change to Sunday schedule 5/18.

**Apparel orders are DUE on SUNDAY!!  Sign up and pay at the desk.  Orders that are not pre-paid will not be placed.


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