February 27, 2015

CF Mentor March

So we’ve alluded to the Mentoring program in previous blog posts, but here’s the scoop: 

Beginning March 1st we will have our Mentor Program kick off!  This program is geared toward anyone (new to CF or current CFer) who is interested in having extra support through your CF Mentor by your side.  The Mentor Enrollment Form (layout below) will be added to the backside of your waiver with information on what class time you plan to attend.  You’ll be paired with one of the mentors from the list at the front desk.
The price for the Mentor Program will be 1 month for $110. **if you’re a current CF member and would like to have a Mentor, you can pay the Mentor price for March and your existing membership will be extended by a month.  If you have any questions or concerns please see the front desk staff for details.
What Having A Corps Fitness Mentor Can Do For YOU!
• Partner with you in all classes to make sure you are following the format correctly and also performing exercises properly.
• Hold you accountable for coming to class.
• Answer any additional questions you have about the class, the format of the class, the exercises, and questions about the gym in general.
• Assist you by suggesting appropriate scaled repetitions, distances , etc. in the course of the workout.
• Your mentor will be YOUR Go-To Person to get started at Corps Fitness for one full month.

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