March 21, 2016

Candy Bowl Therapy?

Point / counterpoint Monday…

An interesting, if possibly mind-bending, article from Kelsey Miller on how some of us may treat our treats…  For your Monday enjoyment!

“People who live with a designated candy drawer, unlocked and accessible at all times, don’t generally obsess over their stash. That’s because it’s not a stash to them.”…

…”You just can’t tell yourself to stop obsessing over Hershey’s Kisses and expect your brain to say, “Roger that! Deleting all anxiety, behavior patterns, and personal history in regards to chocolate products.” Perhaps that would be possible if you committed to a lifetime of deep psychological work or a partial lobotomy. Or, you could just get yourself a candy bowl.”
- K. Miller

And a counterpoint:
Cornell study / candy on the desk is candy in the mouth
“The study finds that women eat more than twice as many Hershey Kisses when they are in clear containers on their desks than when they are in opaque containers on their desks — but fewer when they are six feet away.”
- S. Lang

What are your thoughts / experiences?  I can have a plethora of candy and sweets around for months, have a few once in a while, and never give them a second thought (even if they’re visible).  But when I toss them all or experiment with an eating method that completely limits sweets, I think constantly about not being “allowed” to have them and it’s ALL.I.WANT.


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