December 1, 2016

Best in Berks, 2016


Thanks to you, Corps Fitness won Best Fitness Center in Berks, 2016!!

To our trainers: THANK YOU for being the most motivating crew out there!  Classes are building, and CFers know they’re getting consistent quality regardless of the time they attend!

To our members: THANK YOU for being the most motivating crew out there!  Your passion for Bldg 7 is what makes us who we are.  Thank you for being awesome!  We are so proud of everything the CF family represents and does, regardless of any contest.  Keep up the good work!

Also, a huge congratulations to Bldg 7 Yoga for their Best in Berks win - Best Yoga Studio!  Second year in a row!

Another big congratulations to CFer Ben Franco, whose winedown cafe was selected as Best place for wine lovers!

For the full list of winners, check out this link.


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