March 9, 2017

Welcome Baaaackkk

A few updates on updating your membership info and a welcome back to Badge 27 members!
General Membership Updates
It’s that time of year again when we make sure we have your most current contact information and also get a beauty shot for your membership records (if we don’t currently have one)!  Please take a moment at the front desk to fill out an updated form when you are checking in or before you head out.
Lastly, be on notice that front desk staff may call you out if you need a photo (i.e. your beautiful face doesn’t show up on the check-in screen when you scan you tag).  Smile big!
Also, did you know you can leave a credit card on file with us to eliminate the hassle of running to your car or having to “check back” when you have it?  You can use the CC for all membership updates, apparel and other purchases.
Operation Badge 27
Key program: If you are a current member or were a previous member of the Badge 27 program and are interested in coming back under the new program offerings, please email Sandy to sign up for a key and restart your membership.

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