August 24, 2017

August Motivator of the Month

It’s not quite the end of August, but we are SO excited to have another Motivator of the Month that we couldn’t wait any longer!

This July / August MoM is nominated for several reasons… and if you have worked out with him, we believe you will agree with them all!

Said about this Motivator of the Month:
“He always comes in with a positive attitude.  He always works until he is done.  He is not afraid or embarrassed to finish last.  He gives his all… every day!”

These are some true characteristics that define a quality CFer.  You must leave your ego at the door… not everyone can finish first… doing what YOU can do with integrity and to the maximum effort is ALWAYS what we ask.  So, we are very proud and excited to recognize… drum roll, please…

JOHN MASANO as our Motivator of the Month!!  Congrats, John, and VERY well deserved!

Remember to nominate the person who motivates YOU to be the best person and best CFer you can be.  Ballots and drop box are inside the double gym doors.


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