August 26, 2015

**Attention Parents**

In the interest of making sure everyone is safe at Corps Fitness, please read the following information:

- There is a designated space at CF for kids to stay while their parents are working out.  All kids should be in this area during workouts; not anywhere else in the building.  There are plenty of toys, coloring books, and other activities in the kids area, or you can bring your own.  The kids area is intentionally located away from the front door and in a convenient, visible place (where you can see them and they can see you) during the workout.  CF does not have a babysitting program, and the front desk staff cannot be expected to keep an eye on kids as they use class time to do upkeep and other business activities.
- After class is finished, please do NOT allow children to play on or around the gym equipment (weights, rowers, rings, Pags house, bands).  There are heavy weights and other objects that could become dangerous.  Just don’t do it.
- Parents are responsible for their own kids, but CF is a community where we look out for each other.  If you see something potentially dangerous, please say something / rectify the situation!  We DO NOT want anyone getting hurt!
- Please keep the kids area tidy!  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess.

Thank you for helping us maintain a fun and safe environment for everyone at CF!