February 24, 2017


CrossFit Open Participants:
17.1 was announced last night, and the Open is underway.
*Scorecards will be housed in a folder behind front desk.

*You may utilize the gym during our regular Open Gym hours to do your workout. Scores for each workout must be in by Monday 8PM NO EXCEPTIONS!
*It is our understanding from the CrossFit Rule Book that a certified judge (one having taken the Judges Course and passed) need only be used for “Regional-caliber athletes”. So, plan your judge selection accordingly. Judges that ARE certified are:
Emily McDonough
Will Diaz
Rob Rauenzahn
Craig Johnson
Melissa Hazlett
**If you are not listed above, but did take the course, post in comments below or let Melissa know so she can add you.
*Emily McDonough is our Affiliate Manager for the Open. She will be validating all scores when entered online.
*If you are not officially registered for the games, you still can challenge yourself to each workout!


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