May 10, 2017

Another Article, Another Checklist

You probably know how well-rounded your exercise regimen is at Corps Fitness, but sometimes fitness articles just point it out for you!  Case in point: this article from Spartan Racing, on the 8 Best Core Moves You’re Not Doing.  Oh really?  Let’s take a look:

Supermans - Check!  Which one?  Alternating, straight-up, double pulse?
Hollow body hold - Check.  We’ve been Hollow Rockin’ it for years
Hanging knee raise - Yuppers
Reverse crunch - Yep, several variations
Hollow body roll - They’re not called Sugar Cookies if you’re not in a sand pit? Note taken!
The Ape - AKA Monkey jumps; tom-A-to / to-mah-to…
Dead bug - Check!
One arm chest press - Admittedly the least creative movement name on the list, but at least we agree.  And… Check!

So keep rockin’ those cores, CFers, like you already do!  And, side note: Don’t complain we never do “abs!”.  Everything is abs: if it engages your core, it’s ABS!

Supermans: The first core exercise you’re “not doing”


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