January 19, 2015

All Out In Berks Update

In case you’re not a facebook person, here are a fwe updates on the All Out In Berks Challenge, taking place this Saturday:

Please read and get informed!


Spectators are welcome

1st workout will be posted by noon on Friday

Rest of phases will be posted the morning of the event and demoed 5 min before event.

-bring jump rope (phase 2)

-duration will be roughly 9am-3-pm

-welcome to bring food and drinks (we will supply some items in hospitality area for competitors, additional for purchase by spectators)

-bring a lock to store anything in lockeroom.

-parking in our upper lot behind a-z vacuum and across from the flooring company

-portion of the proceeds from food/drinks for spectators will go to the IMABLE foundation www.imablefoundation.org

-EMS location will be posted in front of our building

-Judges have the right to shut down a lift for safety reasons.

-we will have live scoring and results posted on whiteboard off workout floor in Alpha side

-Announcements, intro to judges and sponsor acknowledgment begins promptly at 830am

-National Anthem to kick off the day at 845am



Another packed Monday night spin / krank class!  CF is proud to be the only place in Berks county that offers adaptive fitness opportunities like this!


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