February 16, 2017

A Proper CF Send-Off

CF is all about forming strong bodies and strong, lasting relationships.  And unfortunately sometimes that means you have to say “see you later” to some great friends and even better people.  If you’re a regular 5:30 PM CFer, you recognize Sona and George, who have been in the US from their home country of the Czech Republic for about 18 months.  Well, unfortunately (for us) they’re heading back to Czech very soon.  But not before we give them a proper CF send-off with a class followed by an informal party after the 5:30 PM class on Monday 2/20 (which also, coincidentally, is Sona’s birthday!).  We’ll share some food, drinks, and fun times once more and send them off with a fond farewell!  If you don’t know them well, but would like to come Monday night, the more the merrier!  In standard CF fashion, ALL are welcome - no special invitation required!  We’ll also post a card at the front desk if you’d like to write a few words for them.


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