April 8, 2015

A Li’l Refresher

With the development that CF classes are going back to the original “all abilities” format, let’s take a few minutes to think about what exactly that means…

1. Scale as needed.  This is NOT an “out” for you to cut corners / reps / distance / weight / format (see #5).  But the full lap to a half lap or an in-front-of-building-5 lap.  You can scale if the full amount is definitely out of your reach and you’ll be holding everyone up for 5 minutes to finish your 400 (for now…).  We even encourage scaling!  But every so often, give it a try - you’ll never do better if you don’t push yourself (again, see #5).

2. Help each other out!!  Make sure everyone is doing what they should be doing - but make sure you’re right first.  Doesn’t matter if you know the person or not (but they’re a fellow CFer, so rectify that s*%t if you don’t know their name).  Doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a CFer for two weeks or ten years, there’s ALWAYS room for mistakes / improvement.  If you see someone messing up the format, the form, or the exercise, CORRECT THEM… in a nice way, but make sure everyone’s got their s*%t together.  Because if they don’t we’re ALL paying for it!

3. Get out of your rut / comfort zone.  Pair up with someone new, introduce yourself to a newbie, try a different variation of the exercise you’ve been given, RUN a freakin lap rather than jog (warm-up excluded unless you’re dead set on “winning the warm-up” - you know who you are ;0)).  The circuit isn’t over until you’re in the door.  Get some!

4. Listen to the instructor.  They’re there for you, and to make sure you get the most of the hour you have.  Do everything as instructed, and if there’s a medical reason why you shouldn’t do an exercise, let them know.  If there’s no reason for you not to do something as prescribed, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t do it.  Right? Right.

5. And above all else, Push Yourself!  This should go without saying, but here is where you SHOULD worry about what your neighbor is doing.  They’re moving, you’re moving.  Keep it that way.


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