**November FREE Intro Classes will be Saturday 11/14 and Saturday 11/28 @ 9:45am**
Remember to sign up and weigh in for the November weight loss challenge by tomorrow 10/30!  If you’re on facebook, you should be entered into the private weight loss challenge group as well, where you’ll get extra motivation and pointers from all participants and coaches along the way!
We’ll be sweatin’ the the 80’s on Saturday!  If you have a favorite 80’s playlist, bring it along and maybe we’ll hook up your ipod or take requests during the workout… (both class times)
November pull-up challenge begins on Sunday with a 1-second negative and 1-second positive pull-up!  Sign up on the white board and get practicing!!
November Spin Classes-
11/7- w/Aimee Hafer @ 9:30am
11/14-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am
11/21-w/Jen Quick @ 9:30am

It’s always nice to know we can rely on Mark’s Daily Apple to be a voice of reason amidst the media frenzy:

“…I would hang my hat on the following suggestions, however.

  1. Don’t live off bacon, hot dogs, and salami.
  2. The more red meat you eat, the more vegetation you should be eating. Make sure some of that vegetation contains prebiotic fiber, especially resistant starch. Maybe all that plant matter is unnecessary if you maintain a perfect carnivorous diet, but why risk it? Besides, plants are delicious.
  3. Learn to love rare steak. It’s way better, guys.
  4. Rely mostly on gentler cooking methods: steaming, simmering, braising, pressure-cooking.
  5. If you’re gonna sear or grill something over high heat, which is completely and utterly delicious and thus necessary from time to time, consider using a marinade—especially if you cook this way frequently.
  6. Have a healthy gut. Beneficial human gut bacteria can convert linoleic acid and fiber into the anti-colon cancer metabolites CLA and butyrate.
  7. Stick to healthier sources of red and processed meat—pastured/grass-fed red meat, bacon, sausage. The local farmer over Oscar Mayer.”

- Mark’s Daily Apple

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/what-does-the-who-report-mean-for-your-meat-eating-habit/#ixzz3ptOSYdRb

**UPDATE: Madeline is not feeling well and spin is cancelled this evening.  Apologies for the short notice.  Feel better, Madeline!!**

A little early update to give everyone time to prepare for this weekend!

*Where did the month of October go?  Our Carry The Load Month is coming to end.  Many of you did the Obstacle Course for time that was the Test In for this month.  If you would like to do the Test Out to see if you can improve your time, the Obstacle Course will be a part of all of our Friday 10/30 classes.  All Test In times are posted on the large white board in the gym so you can see what time you need to improve.   Thanks to all who have posted names and pictures of those we Carried all month long!

*We have 18 participants so far signed up for November’s Weight Loss Challenge (loads of ladies in the game to make it a fun one…..guys, where you at?).  Last call for sign up will be 10/30.  As a means of support, sharing ideas and recipes, and tips, we will be setting up a Private Facebook group for all those who are participating (and on FB).  Be on the look out for that.  Because of this private group, we will NOT be having the informal meeting as previously mentioned on Sunday November 1st.  Instead, look for ideas, tips, and links to helpful websites within this private Facebook group.

*It’s ON.  What’s on, you ask?!  A Rockin’ 80’s Themed workout!  Our Saturday AM classes will have a Halloween flair.  Dress up in your best 80’s themed workout clothes, and get ready to Jazzercise!  (Not really…..that’s totally a JOKE!).  But wearing your leotards, leg warmers and mesh tank tops is no joke!

*Remember the Pull Up Challenge we did a while back?  Well, November’s physical challenge is here with a twist!  Pull Up Negatives and Pull Up Positives.  Start on Nov. 1 with a 1 second negative, followed by a 1 second positive.  Each day, add an additional second for your negative and your positive.  End the month with a 30 second negative and a 30 second positive.  Get the idea?  You miss a day, you make up that day the next time you are in the gym.  AND, if it is appropriate for you just to work on negatives alone and build up your slow descent on negatives only, by all means, hop in the challenge that way!

During an obstacle course race this weekend, I had the opportunity to pass by several other teams participating and see how they interacted during a challenging / combined suffering situation.  I overheard a lot of “come on, we’re waiting for you” and “we’re all over here, come on” and couldn’t help but think to myself that Corps Fitness is so much different!!  I don’t remember a time when I’ve ever heard someone say “we’re waiting for you” (i.e. “it’s about me, you’re on your own…”), but can remember countless times every day when other CFers run to the person struggling and motivate them to get it done with “come on, let’s do this” or “come on, you’ve got this” or “just a little further, dig it out...” (i.e. “we’re in this together, let’s get it done!”).  So thank you, Corps Fitness, for providing us with a different mentality, and for setting us apart from the crowds!


FREE Intro to Corps Fitness Saturday 10/24 at 9:45 AM

Saturday Spin class will be held 10/24 with Jen Quick (9:30am)!

Remember to sign up for the November weight loss challenge by 10/30!  Read last Friday’s blog post for more information.  This will be an exciting challenge, and will help keep everyone on track during this beginning of the holiday season.  Get on board today!
Weekend instructors:
Friday 5:30 PM - Gretchen
Sunday 8:30 AM - Gretchen

That about sums up today’s Arrow workout!