You may have heard it mentioned a few (cough, cough) times at Corps Fitness, but one of the greatest things about this place is that it’s not about you!  It’s about pushing each other through a tough hour where you inevitably bond with your fellow CFer.  You work harder because your neighbor is doing the same thing, and so on.  Everyone improves because everyone else improves!  The US culture is so caught up in the “me” that we often forget about the “we” - everyone else around us, and how much more we can accomplish if we all work together.  Here’s one article if you want to learn more, or you can Google “collectivism” and see what intrigues you.

An excerpt from a very unrelated article on, but still applicable to everyday life:

“…when you are very junior and you don’t yet have the knowledge that something is actually technically difficult you just assume it is your own inexperience and ineptitude and soldier on. If you don’t know what you don’t know then sometimes you don’t even recognize that it is hard.”
-Dr Jennifer Gunter

Truer words have never been spoken!

1. Due to low attendance, Monday noon classes are cancelled, effective immediately.  We’ll continue to evaluate additional class times as the year goes on.

2. One-class Sundays continue until further notice.  One class time, 8:30 AM, every Sunday.

3. Thank you to those of you who attended the IM ABLE Trunk Show!! It was a resounding success!

4. IM ABLE Duathlon and 5k 9/13 - CF will be closed.  Want to get a different kind of workout in that day?  Only 2 more days to sign up and get a shirt!!

5. Weekend instructors: Friday 5:30 PM: Eddie, Sunday 8:30 AM: Ed

In the interest of making sure everyone is safe at Corps Fitness, please read the following information:

- There is a designated space at CF for kids to stay while their parents are working out.  All kids should be in this area during workouts; not anywhere else in the building.  There are plenty of toys, coloring books, and other activities in the kids area, or you can bring your own.  The kids area is intentionally located away from the front door and in a convenient, visible place (where you can see them and they can see you) during the workout.  CF does not have a babysitting program, and the front desk staff cannot be expected to keep an eye on kids as they use class time to do upkeep and other business activities.
- After class is finished, please do NOT allow children to play on or around the gym equipment (weights, rowers, rings, Pags house, bands).  There are heavy weights and other objects that could become dangerous.  Just don’t do it.
- Parents are responsible for their own kids, but CF is a community where we look out for each other.  If you see something potentially dangerous, please say something / rectify the situation!  We DO NOT want anyone getting hurt!
- Please keep the kids area tidy!  You are responsible for cleaning up your own mess.

Thank you for helping us maintain a fun and safe environment for everyone at CF!

How are those legs feeling today??

Back Squats: 5, 5, 3, 3, 1 working to the 1 max rep.
5 rounds:
400m run
30 Frog-Legged L-Sits
15 Deadlifts (250#/155#)

Last week’s Lucky 7’s workout with a 70-DU cash out was a doozy!!  I think it took some all weekend to recover from that one!

“…The event emphasized the importance of regular physical activity and offered a close-up view of what that means when you’re a Marine.

“It was a wake-up call, not only physically, but mentally, to let these kids know that their health is important,” said Maj. Nadrian McGill, who has been a Marine for 22 years.”

Sound familiar?  With rates of childhood obesity skyrocketing, the least we can do is set a good example for the next generation!

- Spin / Krank: Jen will be back next week.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
- Next Intro class is 8/22/15 at 9:45am
- IM ABLE Foundation Trunk Sale 8/22/15 11am-1pm.  ADDED pre-sale to CFers from 9:30 - 10:45.  Come out and pick some IM ABLE gear at some great deals!
*Weekend instructors*:
Friday 5:30 PM: John
Sunday 8:30 AM: John
- Reminder: Battle of the Sexes workout will be postponed until later in the Fall when most are done with summer vacation travel and we can ensure a greater number for participation.  Stay tuned!! Normal schedule 8/29: 7 and 8:30 AM classes.

“Farewell” class for Greg Etter (center) with the Teleflex crew. We wish him and his family well as he begins his next great adventure in California!

There is no other gym, fitness regimen, etc. around here that could have put me into the condition to complete the challenge we did on Sunday, not only from the physical and endurance standpoint but from the mental stamina standpoint as well. I have been in decent shape in the past (mostly prior to having kids :), and yes, I could have probably completed Sunday’s challenge, but it would have taken me tons longer, and I would have had a LOT less determination, desire, motivation and certainly would have had extremely weak moments where I didn’t think I’d make it. But because of CF, those things were not a factor. I never once thought we couldn’t finish, and we never once stopped. We passed so many teams along the way that completely stopped to take a breather, or whatever, and we never stopped.

I was hoping to see you yesterday so I could tell you about my weekend visiting my brother. He goes to a Cross Fit gym up there and he took me with him on Saturday morning. It was pretty good- but it really made me appreciate you and Corps Fitness. The environment that you built is unparalleled. I really appreciate the discipline and most importantly the camaraderie. I’m so happy that I joined and I just had to tell you what was on my mind! I can’t wait for my brother to visit me so I can bring him to one of your classes!