October 30, 2013

From the Beginning

Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and think “I’ve been doing this long enough, I know what I’m doing” and then along comes a new exercise or workout format or we’re having a rough day, and all of the sudden we’re feel like we’re back to square one.  Don’t get discouraged – pick yourself up and get back on the horse!

On the flip side if you’re bored or not getting sore from the workouts any longer (as if anyone would even admit to that…), maybe the reason is that you’ve become complacent and stopped pushing yourself hard enough!  Just think back to your first time through the doors at CF… you were welcomed to the group and earned your spot by pushing yourself and being accountable to your team.  Keep that spirit alive and welcome today’s newbies in the same way!

A new crop of beginners attended Saturday’s intro class!



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    hoov October 31, 2013 Reply

    Or–Sometimes I was not paying attention during a particular exercise demonstration and think ah I know that exercise. This is called mistake # 1. Then I decide I will figure it out along the way. This is called mistake # 2. The end result is my kaos affected others trying to work out. This is also called a bad work out day. Some very profound words echoed during every exercise demonstation. "If you dont understand ask now"

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