g October 11, 2017

Check it out! If you are not already on a team…..get one together! This is going be a great event!

The swag and prize opportunities just keep getting sweeter!

We are stoked to announce that 2 lucky CTA participants will win gift cards for FREE INOV8 sneakers. That’s right! #INOV8 brand sneakers are once again stepping up to support our challenge and the first responders that this challenge directly acknowledges! Thank you #inov8!

ANNNNDDDD…..yes, there’s MORE!

Our friends at #ARunningStart on Penn Avenue in West Reading, are doing what they do so well in our community….supporting great causes and events! 2 lucky CTA participants will receive gift cards to be used at A Running Start…each for $25! Thank you #arunningstart!!!

And there will be more……Stay tuned!

There’s still time to get into this challenge!!!! And don’t forget: if you are having trouble pulling a complete team together, give melissa@corpsfitness.net a shout, and she will try and get you connected with a team!


CTA Challenge Registration deadline approaching fast to guarantee you get an awesome hoodie sponsored by #classicharleydavidson Kevin Kodz. 10/16 is THAT deadline date. Get your teams signed up!

Did you know…..
October 16th is the registration deadline for the CTA Challenge in order to guarantee you and your teammates a cool, high quality hoodie sponsored by the most awesome #classicharleydavidson Kevin Kodz??? That’s just a little over a week away!!!
Many teams already are signed on and ready to roll…got yours together?
This is a challenge to give a BIG shout out to all first responders and what they do on a daily basis to keep us protected. Come and honor them!
And how ’bout the perks you get as a participant???
*Awesome hoodie
*Sponsorship by #riverfrontfederalcreditunion
*FREE after party buffet sponsored by #missionbbqwyomissing
*Feeling of accomplishment