Day 7 Trainer Photos:

Seriously. Who IS that lady?! Cut me just the slightest break…..I do have a 6 mo. old planted on my hip in that pic. But this was right before I started CF 10 years ago. (and for those of you who know Ella, that is her on my right ๐Ÿ™‚
My reasons for CF are so, sooooo many. And I’ve already broken the 3 sentence max rule, but hey, those are the challenge-creator liberties I get to take :).
So I’ll just say this:
Everybody who chooses to walk through the doors of Corps Fitness has differences….different jobs, different circumstances growing up, different baggage of “life stuff”, and even different preferences as to weights vs. cardio vs. whatever it is you like….
But CF cultivates a commonality amongst the people who commit to it. And that commonality is the desire to be better, to make no excuses, to take the “suck” of the hard workout and then ask for more the next day, to work for it because we know it’s earned and not given, and to live and value life every single day because “we get to”. Because we have that commonality, family is made, achievements are gained, even higher goals are set, and the best versions of ourselves are brought out; who knew you’d get that when you first decided to walk into just a “gym”?!
~Melissa Hazlett

g November 19, 2017

Day 6 Trainer Photos:

-Because it never gets easier. It only sucks less when there’s “family” here to suffer with you!
~Van Pham

“Van-Tastic” Fridays. Oh, you know what we mean! Just when you thought you knew every kind of squat….or every kind of pull-up. Then you meet Van’s twist on it! Keeping things creative and challenging muscle groups you never knew you had! Tougher than tough….and that’s from many years of being a committed and loyal CFer himself. Whether he is teaching a class or alongside you taking a class, Van is excellent at breaking down movements to help you perfect your form, and he is always “Ready, ready!”

g November 18, 2017

Day 5 Trainer Photos:

Surround yourself with individuals that challenge you, push you, and ultimately make you a better person. Corps Fitness is not just a workout…it’s a way of life.
~Tim Shields

The fast guy. Yup. Tim. But also the strong guy, the motivating guy, the friendliest guy, and the guy that’s all in….110%, no questions asked, all in. Tim has been with us since graduating college last spring, and little by little has taken over teaching some more classes. Known for asking a few “additional” questions after the explanation of a class, be assured that he is asking for YOUR benefit…so that everyone in class knows what to do, and YOU are not the one that screws something up, lest we pay. Right, Tim ๐Ÿ˜‰ (we love you Tim and are just teasing!). And know this Tim….for as much as you appreciate others for challenging and pushing you in your workouts, you challenge all of us with your efforts!

g November 17, 2017

Day 4 Trainer Photos:

Corps Fitness is more then a gym itโ€™s family! Itโ€™s the reason CF is such a special place. I had never thought of being a trainer before but I want to give back that kindness and caring and butt kicking that was given to me by so many at CF.
~Rob Rauenzahn

So you may have noticed Rob filling in from time to time on some classes….and we hope soon that will become even more regular as he finishes his certification and training process. Rob started at CF a number of years ago, and in this family, as Rob and so many other describe us, Rob is that family member that you know will do anything for you…give the shirt off his back, ask with genuine concern how you are doing, and just overall looking out for your well-being. We appreciate Rob for that and glad he calls us Family!


Day 3 Trainer Stories

Corps Fitness is about being part of, and living for, something bigger than yourself.
~Gretchen Kaag

Sure Gretch is the “big guy’s” wife….so one would expect her to “get it”. But long before they said their “I Do’s”, Gretch embodied all things near and dear to the heart of Corps Fitness, and encourages everybody who walks through those doors to do the same. She motivates by words and by actions, and always puts others before herself! Yeah, yeah Gretch!!