Saturday 9:15 AM CrossFit three person team workout this morning. You don’t have to have the same fitness level or abilities as your partner in a partner workout. All our workouts are scalable and adaptable to anyone. Today Syana, Sara and Beth were a team. Each have different abilities – scaled athletes working side by side with adaptive athletes all getting in an awesome workout. Don’t be afraid that you might hold someone on your team back because you won’t. CrossFit Adaptive CrossFit IM ABLE Foundation

g September 14, 2018

Squat University has a number of great videos that go into detail on forms and how to work on fixing the flaws. Check it out! #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks #bettereveryday #constantandneverendingimprovement

In order to snatch big weight, you first need to solidify and “own” the bottom receiving position – this will give you the ability to handle huge weight even if doing so causes you to move into difficult positions like the crazy deep catch @sonnywebstergb is showing here. One of my favorite drills to help you with this is the bottom snatch press.🏋🏼‍♀️
With the bar on your back and hands in the wide grip snatch position, sit down into a deep squat. Brace your core and make sure your body weight is evenly disturbed across your entire foot before you then push the barbell over your head and hold for a few seconds.👍🏼
In order to effectively stabilize the bar overhead, you “turn on” and learn to use the muscles on the back side of the body like your larger deltoids, lats and traps, as well as the smaller muscles that control your shoulder blade AND joint like your rhomboids and rotator cuff muscles.💪🏼
If you’re doing this press correctly, you should NOT see any movement in other parts of your body as the bar is moved vertically from the the traps to above the head. You will also end up in the exact same position as the receiving position of the snatch.🏋🏼‍♀️
Shout out to @sonnywebstergb for the collaboration in making today’s post & to @3d4medical with their Complete Anatomy app for the visual of the body.🙏🏼