Another successful intro for newbies and #sunday #funday #crossfit 945a keeping it real with honing in on skills, form and intensity!


Today was way more than a workout as we paid tribute in our own way to Marine Zachary Bristol Aldrich who lost his battle to PTSD this week, Sept 18,2017. This we hope will bring awareness to the battles that are still raging in some and we pray for the family of this fallen Marine during this very difficult time. #1stbattalion7thmarines #usmc #neverforget Dave Hart Kandi Arnett-Hart Gretchen Reed Kaag Emily Duh McDonough Adriane Clements Zach Milch Neil Callanan Sara Shincovich Mider Tim Shields Tim McDonough


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Corps Fitness is looking for a few good men and women to represent Corps Fitness!

On November 4th, CrossFit Proven is hosting the Ghouls and Gals Partner Throwdown, and Corps Fitness is looking to sponsor 2 male/female teams (this is a $150/team value!)

Beginning Monday 9/25, submit your male/female team combo. You must put together your own team (we will not pair you), and you both must decide in which division you will compete.

Deadline for submissions is 9/29. We will then do a RANDOM drawing for the 2 teams on Sat. 9/30.

Please verify that you both are absolutely able to commit to the competition date before entering!

For more information about the event, go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/298338887306428/

Other rules:

You MUST represent Corps Fitness by wearing your own Corps Fitness gear (t-shirts, sweatshirts and whatever else you may own) and overall be an ambassador for Corps Fitness.

Additionally, you must agree to post pictures on social media and hashtag Corps Fitness.

Any other questions, please contact [email protected] CrossFit Proven’s fourth annual Ghouls & Gals competition

When: November 4th, 2017 8am - 4pm

Where: CrossFit Proven

Grab a costume, chalk up and get ready for the spookiest comp in the Philadelphia area.

BIG CASH PRIZES, plus amazing prizes from our sponsors.

Sweet vendors and yummy food will be available so bring some CA$H!

Body work available with PLATINUM registration ONLY!

Sponsor list coming soon


Teams of two — Male/Female — RX, Scaled & Masters 40+

Cracking Skulls (Events 1 and 1A)
12:00 to complete….
F 30 Cal Row w/ M Deadlift hold 225
M 45 Cal Row w/ F Deadlift hold 135
With remaining time,
Establish 1RM Thruster each (from floor)
Bar must be held at full extension for calories to accrue.
Two bars (1 men’s and 1 women’s) will be available for thruster with unlimited attempts and weight changes. May go up or down in weight.
Scored for time of completion of row and heaviest combined load.
Nov/MRX: 185/135 holds
Novice: 135/95

Jason’s Revenge (Event 2)
Hang Clean 75/115
Bar-over Burpees
10:00 cap
Partition as needed.
MRX: 65/95 Regular PU
Nov: 65/95 Sub Pendlay row for PU
MNov: 55/75 Sub Pendlay row for PU

8:00 AMRAP
8 Synchronized KB OH Lunge 36/53
8 Toes-through-rings w/ partner hang
Box jump-overs 4,6,8,10 etc (18/24)

Lunge must be synchronized at bottom and at full extension. Toes-through-rings cannot accrue unless partner is hanging on bar. Box jump-overs increase by two reps each round.

MRX: 26/36
Nov/MNov: 18/26, Knees past 90 on rings, step-ups allowed, however, both feet must be on the box before stepping down.

Awesome sponsors, food, fun, fitness.


224 people interested


Lots going on this AM, including honoring Zach Aldrich, who lost his battle with PTSD on September 18. 1/7


Yet another fantastic business sponsor showing their support for the Call To Action Challenge!

We’d like to send a huge thank you to Classic Harley-Davidson and our resident CFer @kevin kodz for their sponsorship of our event. They are directly sponsoring all the awesome hoodies each competitor will be receiving! How bout those goodies!? #notyourstandardtshirt #bestswagever These are QUALITY Champion 12 oz. weight sweatshirts to boot! #onlythebest

It’s businesses such as #missionbbq #riverfrontfederalcreditunion and #classicharleydavidson that make the difference! Thank you to them all!!! Especially resident CFer Kevin Kodz Jenny Braksator Winchester