**Warning: This goes without saying, but the information in this post contains adult content and opinions you may disagree with.  That’s because you have a brain and opinions of your own, which is awesome.  Please read with an open mind.  Thank you**

A few thoughts on the “pornification of fitness” from Jonathan Angelilli / Greatist.com

“Does your personal trainer or fitness coach have to be hyper-sexualized in order to motivate you?”

“Of course a great trainer must lead by example. Maybe leading by example means loving yourself for who you are instead of trying to fit into a socially constructed standard of beauty.”

“Humans need humans to survive. It’s our evolutionary advantage over all other beings and the reason we developed language and complex emotions: to work together to strive and survive.”

“So how do we stop interacting with symbols and directly experience that things the symbol represents? I honestly don’t know, but I think it takes real courage and the willingness to give up our digital addictions and human robot tendencies that have been programmed into us by the media. It’s the only way we can start living real lives of our own.”
-J Angelilli

A few thoughts of my own:
Pro fitness ladies: is it really necessary to wear nothing but a sports bra and tight band-aid sized shorts for public / social media posts.  I am all about being proud of the body you’ve built, empowerment and all, but come on!  Is it helping or hurting our fellow women who ARE and WANT TO BE fit but maybe don’t look like that and therefore become ashamed of their own amazing, incredible bodies, and maybe even stop trying?  Not singling out CrossFit, but if you look at Games photos from 2007, most competitors were in t-shirts and shorts.  More recent years, it’s itty bitty bikini time…  I mean, what’s next (I recommend clicking this link, but FYI, NSFW!)??

“Hot or not?” is a terrible method to use in choosing a trainer!

And a couple of quotes to close out this post:

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”
- Dr Seuss

“You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in.”
- Dr Seuss




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