Thanks to everyone who competed in the SkiErg challenge! We met our goal of 30 athletes and are entered in the raffle to win another one so keep your fingers crossed. Congrats to Beth Kase who posted the fastest adaptive athlete time of 5:14. First for the ladies was Sara Mider with 4:26. And first for the guys was Kevin Kodz with 3:36. Way to go everyone and thanks again! #skiergchallenge #francough #bettereveryday #bettertogether #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks

g November 7, 2018

We need YOU!! To SKI!! Over the next 4 days, Th-Sun, Ski 1000m on the SkiErg and log your time on the clipboard so CFCFB can be entered to win a free SkiErg! We need 30 entries. Even if you cruise along, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. In upcoming events, on Thanksgiving, we’ll be doing an 8am Cadence run and at 9am, we’ll have the Sean Flannery memorial WOD, “Sean”. 10 rounds for time - 11 C2B Pull-ups, 22 Front Squats (75/55). Ouch! Good luck walking on black Friday! Shout out to all our Corps Club members for October, those members who made it to CFCFB at least 20 days last month! #skiergchallenge #novemberevents #weremember #bettereveryday #bettertogether #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks


I’m sure you’ve all seen posts from the Open Gym group that is in on Saturdays at 6:30am. Did you know that they’re also in on Sundays at 6:30am as well?? You didn’t?? Well, now it’s official that Open Gym will be Saturdays and Sundays at 6:30am. So now, you have no excuse to not come in and get in a workout because you have something to do. They will always have a suggested workout, but you’re also welcome to come in and do your own thing. #opengym #noexcuses #bettereveryday #bettertogether #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks

g November 2, 2018

We are once again, competing in the SkiErg Sprints! From Nov 8th to Nov 11th, complete a 1000m SkiErg sprint and just let us know what your time is and we’ll submit the scores online. We’ll have a log at the front desk for scores. If we get 30 athletes to submit scores, we’ll be entered in a raffle for another SkiErg so find a couple minutes next weekend to give it a shot!
#skiergsprints #imablefoundation #feeltheburn #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks


SkiErg Sprints

The SkiErg Sprints is an annual virtual race that allows you to compare your time against others worldwide in a one-weekend showdown of SkiErg speed. There are age categories from 12 and under to 80+ as well as adaptive classes. This event is for everyone!


Tomorrow is a new Benchmark WOD you may not have heard of before… NAPALM!! I chose this workout because it’s tough. Many of us will have to scale the MU’s to Pull-ups, or struggle to do 10 in a workout. We need to have things to strive for. We need to see what’s possible. We need to continue to get better!! In May, when we do this workout again, I’m expecting more of us will be able to RX it. We are getting stronger together. We are getting better together. Those PR’s are happening for everyone. If you can’t make the 9:15am CrossFit class and you can make the open gym at 6:30, they’ll be doing it then as well. #napalm #bettereveryday #bettertogether #hardworkpaysoff #crossfit #chasingexcellence #corpsfitnesscrossfitberks