December 4, 2015

Be A Type 1 Athlete

We’ve blogged, facebooked, and endlessly drilled this into CFers brains (do you hear Chris’ voice in your dreams yet?) at Corps Fitness, but here is another reminder of what integrity means to our sport.  No matter what class you attend at Corps Fitness, integrity rules in Building 7.  We should all be Type 1 Athletes.  Participate fully, 100% of the time, based on what you’re able to do on any given day.  If you’ve read The Four Agreements (which I would recommend - a quick google search will get you what you need), you know #4 is “Always do your best.  Your best is going to change from moment to moment: it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick…”  Do your best, be honest with yourself and your trainers, NEVER CHEAT - reps (even / *especially* when “nobody’s counting”… but you), form, distance, going to the whistle (ahem, stopping your station at 3 during a 5-second countdown… c’mon!  you know that means no countdown next time!)…  it gets you nowhere.  To take this a step further, if you are taking shortcuts on something that you presumably enjoy and are doing for yourself (hopefully nobody is being dragged kicking and screaming to CF…), then how does this extend into your everyday life, especially in activities or areas that you don’t necessarily enjoy so much?

Let’s all be Type 1 Athletes, or as we like to refer to them: CFers (Corps Fitness-ers, which is much less awkward when abbreviated…)

An excerpt from the linked article - highly recommended to read the whole thing at the link above.

“Type I Athletes: Fully commit to whatever the WOD is for them for that day, whether it is on-ramp, rx’d, rx’d+, foundations or a warm-up.

Type II “Athletes”: Complain about a movement or two in a WOD, try to modify the on-ramp or tone-up/tone-down their WOD and quickly identify movements that “suck.”

Type I Athletes: Complete an extra couple of double unders, pull-ups or wall balls when they have lost count or think they may have missed a couple of full reps.

Type II “Athletes”: Think that when they mess up at 48 double unders, it is “good enough” and move to the next exercise before finishing the last 2 reps, or are okay with not getting their chin over the bar on the final hard rep.

Type I Athletes: Work up to the buzzer, even if it means they will only get 20 meters of the next 200m run because there are only 10 seconds left.

Type II “Athletes”: Finish the round they are currently on and lay down with a little time remaining on the clock.

Type I Athletes: Never ever would consider lying, not even 1 single rep when the coach asks “how many did you get” before writing the score on the whiteboard.

Type II “Athletes”: Justify lying that they got an extra rep, an extra round or lifted a few more pounds because they think “they could have, or should have” or don’t want to look bad.

Type I Athletes: Ask their coach to closely judge them, give them pointers and makes necessary adjustments when given a “no rep” call for not getting full depth on a squat.

Type II “Athletes”: Roll their eyes at a coach for correctly judging them, scoring them, or giving pointers on how to get full reps. They try to ignore the coach, hide from the view of a coach and continue to “sneak” through bad reps.”