Capture the Flag Team Challenge 2011

Join the 6-Week Capture the Flag Team challenge! Put your individual skills and team commitment to the test in this fun and competitive 6-week challenge. Each week, you’ll work hard to be sure that your team’s flag takes top honors. In the end, the final challenge might determine which team earns rights to Capture the Flag!

How it works:

Before October 29: Sign up. Buy in- $30. Winners will receive this back as well as the bragging rights to have their flag permanently displayed with the team members listed.

October 29: Attend “Team Selection” party. Individuals separated by ability levels. Then randomly assigned to teams. This is Draft night! We will have “drinks” and refreshments while you name your team and build your flag to represent your team for 6 weeks. You can still participate if you are unable to attend Draft night, but you need to sign up regardless so we have your name.

October 31-December 11: Each week participate in EITHER an individual competition OR team challenge. Accrue points for your team. Each week, the team winner earns the right to prominently display their flag! In the end, a final Capture the Flag team will be crowned champion!

Individual Workout (individuals can attend any Capture the Flag class to complete the workout, individual scores added to obtain team score)
Team Challenge (all members attend same class to complete a workout for time AS A TEAM)

Week 1 (Oct31-Nov 6) Individual workout occurring this week.
Week 2 (Nov 12 or 13) Weekend Team Workout (your team can pick the day that works best)
Week 3 (Nov 14-Nov 20) Individual workout occurring this week.
Week 4 (Nov 26 or 27) Weekend Team Workout (your team can pick the day that works best)
Week 5 (Nov 28-Dec4) Individual workout occurring this week.
Week 6 (Dec 10 or Dec 11) Weekend Team Workout Finale (your team can pick the day that works best)

Submit your Name and Ability Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) in the contact form below to sign up for the Capture the Flag Challenge.

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  1. Kate says:

    I love this!!! I hope that “drinks” means what I think it means. I like the idea of having a little skin in the game - Please let me know what I can bring on Oct 29. Happy to bring some “drinks”, paper products, snacks etc.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oooohhhhh!!!!!! I am SO in on this! LOVE IT!!!!

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