Do you hear the call?!

“3-2-1…Go!” is sweet. But nothing gets your mad-dog on like a “get ‘em up, get ‘em up, aaahhhhhh” CF holler!

Let’s ring in the new year with a Corps Fitness style extravaganza! 5 days of Corps Fitness style workouts. January 21-25. Each day the classes will run the same classic, old school CF format. And you never know what it might be…Little Sheets, 5-on-a-side, Capture the Flag, Grinder, WagonWheel, 3-peat, 2 minute major….who knows?!

This will be a recurring event through the year, and this first version aptly coincides with the departure of the consummate and supreme CFer: JJ.

Attend all 5 days and your name will be added to a random drawing for some sweet loot: free unlimited monthly membership, CF gear, gift cards and the like! Plus some other fun recognition through the week!

So if you like the frenetic pace of CF classes, the chaotic intensity, the mental engagement, and most importantly, the group accountability, sink-or-swim together attitude, and cooperation, then this week is for you. Whether big warm ups, long grinders, sneaky end activities…you know you’ll be with some good, good people!

Corps Fitness Style Extravaganza Call-to-Action: January 21-25*

*Friday January 25th, 530pm class, post-workout: Paleo feast, bring something paleo/4hourbody to share, prizes, drinks, etc. Even if you did class earlier in the day, stop by after 630p for the festivities!