CF Form: Leap into the lowly Lunge.

Happy Leap Day, CFers…and extra day, make it count! Elegant and effective…the lunge. One of the most important basic moves (hip and shoulder mobility, backside strength) which will enhance performance on more complex exercises. Watch xfit clip here. In the OH variation…lats must be inflated, shoulder shrugged to ear, elbows locked.


CF circle it up.

Wallball, B&THop, Bbar Cr, HP, Deadbug, Alt Side Step, BC, AC Squat, Wtd Pulse. End: Partner Step Up, Lunge, Pushup (radical off-knee efforts!) Coming up on last chance to forward the PDR Seminar to family and friends. Sunday March 4. Early bird discount. Day of registration ($65CFers, $70non-CFers). This is an extraordinary opportunity, let’s have… Continue reading »


Tuesday Attitude: True Story

Elstwise in the words of H. Kelleher…”We have a strategic plan. It’s called ‘doing things’.” Be awesome.


Monday “Did you know…?”…as a kite!

It’s an addiction. No, really, it is! Get the CF high! “For decades, endorphins have hogged the credit for producing “runner’s high,” that fleeting sense of euphoria and calm that many people report experiencing after prolonged exercise. Who among us, after an especially satisfying workout, hasn’t thought, “ah, my endorphins are kicking in.” Endorphins are… Continue reading »


Sunday CFer

LTF always brings serious determination and high energy! Age: 30 How’d you hear about it/When did you start? I had heard about CF from a few people when i moved to berks county, and then Jordan started going in January of 2011. He would come home and ramble on about how challenging and rewarding the… Continue reading »


Saturday 4 Corners

2 exercises each pod for 45 seconds and then 90 seconds 5/5 FAST. #1) Ball Slams & Burpess then 5 Bicep 5 Push Press. #2) 25′ Sandbag run 3 squats & Weighted Good Mornings then 5 MB Toe Taps 5 MB Step Ups. #3) Quick Bag Jabs & Hand Walk then 5 KB Swings 5… Continue reading »


TGI Franday

Early AM ends with Team Fran. Friday Night Light-ing it up. Have an outstanding weekend!


Thursday Updates

1) We were honored to receive these plaques of recognition from the FOP for our tribute and fundraising efforts. Ed spoke of it the last 2 WODs of Hero Week: how much it meant to him that we were paying respect to the fallen and active LEOs, and the work they do. This plaque reinforces that… Continue reading »


Wednesday Form: How’s it going?

On those goals? Focus on “better than yesterday.” Devote at least 10 mins a day to Virtuosity and Form re: your goal. Best time is the 5-10mins before class! Commit to 2 weeks of just mapping the movement into your brain, hanging, little mermaids. With lots of “kip” goals on the board…let’s walk down memory… Continue reading »


Tuesday Attitude

“The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.” George Washington, Address to the Continental Army before the Battle… Continue reading »

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