Ever feel like you’re talking to yourself?

1) FRIDAY AM KETTLEBELLERS: Remind yourself that Friday August 7 and 14 classes begin at 5:30AM!!! 2) KBs are a thinking-persons exercise and sport. Be sure to use all your good self-talk cues…and practice, practice, practice. You know, the things you can recite in your sleep (I know I do!)! KBers should know to which… Continue reading »



Push Press, Wall Ball, KB Swings, Deadlift, L-sit, Air Squat…whatever…be mindful of using the natural power of your hinge systems. Maintain “good lines”!!



Today we’re priviledged to get a glimpse of the rare “5:30-AM-o-saurus.” Look at ‘im cool down after a wicked hard circuit! These are quiet animals…even stealthy…during their exercise circuit. Some researchers believe this allows them to blend into their surroundings and not be spotted; others believe it’s an effort to conserve energy. But afterward, they… Continue reading »


Friday KB time change

Please note: Starting FRIDAY AUGUST 7, 5AM KB will be… 5:30AM KB.


Who needs gear?

Don’t have all the gear to be a Triathlete? 5,000 sq. ft. facility and a big parking lot…no problem.(PS. Bicycle crunches are 3 count and 1 lap = 400m) Tabata TuesdayTabata: Squats, Pushups, Box Jumps, Burpees2 rds: Jump Pullup/Dead Bug, Ring Dips/Side Push Off, Ladder/Handwalk, High Step/Stag Leg Squat


Head and Shoulders above the rest.

A CF class…as simple as shampoo instructions…Workout, Puke, Repeat. Chris is back from vacation…and already you’re back on the clock! Minute Plank to finish it off. 30-30-1Hang Run, V-twist…Pike-LsitSee Saw Press, Side Raise…B&T PunchToe Tap, Locomotive…LungePlank Walk, Wall Ball…KB Swing8 Ct, ACP…Bear Crawl Drill


Hmmm…what workout to do on July 25th

What else…Christmas in July. A replay of “Christmas Workout ’08.”Sorry Dan, we nixed the Reindeer Lunges, Snow Angel Abs, & Christmas Wreath Push Ups for a more traditional CF class ending. POD 1: Bar Traverse/Hang, Air Squat, L-Sit, Med Ball Squat ThrowPOD 2: 8 ct, Squat w/ Front Raise, Bicycle Crunch, Jump RopePOD 3: Step… Continue reading »


He’s baaack!

Well, not yet, but Commander will be back from vacation next week…and he might not be happy (look at those eyes! creepy!). Tomorrow, last chance to sit around with tea & crumpets playing rummy…ha! Also, big congrats to the KB graduates…the ladies who moved up to the 16kg KB! Nice job, great form! Fri KB:… Continue reading »


Soooo tired.

Wild week….keep it going, folks! KB: (wagon wheel)Rev. Cleans: Walkabout, LocomotiveAlt. Swing: KB Sit Up, Plie SquatPush Jerk: Rope Heave, Jump RopeHeavy Swing: Plank Knee, Step Up Bodyweight:Ladder, Beck’s Burpee, B-bar, Box Drill, Step Up, Squat, Rope Heave, Double Jump, PU, Wall Ball Strength:6ct, Rope PullUP, Tire Flip, Step Up, Swing, Log Heave, Squat, PU,… Continue reading »


A Phool’s workout

On a beauti-phool morning. A little pain-phool. But otherwise totally Phool-filling. Good luck to the consummate CF Phool, JU…successful surgery & recovery! 3 Rds 400m Run 20 Box Jump 20 SDHP 15 Pull Ups 15 Wall Ball 10 Lsit-Pike 10 Burpees

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