9-1-1, go, go!

Monday night crew…were you calling for First Aid, CPR, or a Laxative? This one was dubbed “9-1-1″. Enjoy. Wall Ball, Decline PU, B&T Jump, Good Mornings1-Minute Double Unders Superman, Hip Extensions, Side Plank, Sumo High Pull1-Minute Suicides Ring Rows, Honeymooners, Burpees, Jack Webbs1-Minute Build-up Sprints


Better than a cup o’ joe!

Morning KBers were treated to a monster workout…herein to be titled“The Wake Up Call.” (2 Rounds) Pod 1Frog Push Up, KB sit up, Suicide (30 sec. each)Poser = Single Leg Squat (1 min.)KB = True Pull Snatch (2 min.) Pod 2Ammo Can PU, Dynamic V, Scissor LungePoser = Overhead SquatKB = Snatch Pod 3Dips, Flutter… Continue reading »


Cotter KB Kontact

That’s alliteration…and this is flexibility! Steve Cotter is a KB and flexibility freak. We’ve seen him before here in some KB clips demo-ing form. Check out this post over at his fullkontact blog. You see him Push-Jerking…you don’t have to watch the full 3 minutes…just notice the soft-style hip movement (how he dips forward, then… Continue reading »


Fitness as a Lifestyle!

Fitness defined: “Your ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly, in the broadest variety of domains is fitness. And the ability to sustain that fitness throughout your life is a defining measure of health.” (Coach Glassman, CrossFit’s New Three-Dimensional Definition of Fitness and Health) Power…to the people (any/all ages)!


That’s one Smug Mug

CF has a picture site at You can click the link over in the left frame (CF Pictures) or go to Chris’ brother Eric is responsible for most of the photos up there….really good stuff. He captures 2 important elements:1) Diversity…of Participants. 2) Unity…of Purpose. So….what’s your excuse??


Double Cheeseburger

Aha, that title caught your attention, I see. This post isn’t about burgers…but it’s kind of like a burger. You know, initially a burger is good with all its aroma and juicy, drippy fattiness. But then the reality sets in…you feel like crap as it festers in your intestines and offers no energy…a total let-down.… Continue reading »


Open House

Corps Fitness Open HouseSunday, March 22, 10am-noon 1) If you know someone who may be interested in CF classes but has never made it out (kinda lukewarm on it, or maybe intimidated)…then please encourage them to stop by on Sunday. They can learn about the classes. Spread the word, please. 2) If you are “shaky”… Continue reading »


Luck o’ the Irish

St. Patty’s Day WorkoutRun 200m40 Alternating Swing20 Side Plank/Swinging Gate (10/lr; 3 ct)40 Alternating SwingRun 200m40 Alternating Swing20 Side Plank/Gate40 Alternating SwingRun 200m 2 ROUNDS (down to Supermans)10 Push Ups10 Combo Crunch (3 ct.)5 Push Ups5 Combo Crunch20 Ring Rows2 Suicides10 Push Ups10 Combo Crunch5 Push Ups5 Combo Crunch20 Supermans (1…1, 2…2) Start new set:Run400mLeg… Continue reading »


Happy, happy, happy!

Given that the nature and timing of death are uncertain, how shall we live? Well…it’s either “Eat more black licorice” or “Never give up on a 30 second station.” (Post yours to comments) Sat. WorkoutHot SeatPull UpsPlankMonkey SquatsDipsStar JumpsAC Push UpBox DrillAC SquatBbar Crunch8 Ct.Quick Step(calisthenics between each exercise) Blow it out! See you tomorrow… Continue reading »


Advantage…Corps Fitness.

Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that the coming Spring finds you prancing to far-off lands, trying to escape 30 degree mornings.But wait? How will you manage without CF? LET! FIRST SERVICE. Here are some workouts to keep you honest (and sane): Day 1:20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 Burpees2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20 Overhead Squats (arms by ears) Day 2:5 Push Ups10 Squats15 Crunches(# of… Continue reading »

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